Best Auto Clicker for Minecraft 2023 (UPDATED)

Minecraft is one of the most renowned titles of all time. Many players often rely on Auto Clickers for a better gameplay experience. Auto Clickers assist the player by automating the mouse clicks, reducing the effort required. 

The game requires the players to rely on mouse clicks to collect resources and other crucial tasks that might get repetitive. It is where auto clickers come to aid. However, with several similar-looking software in the market, players can find it tedious to choose the best auto clicker. 

To assist you in your decision, we have provided a list of 12 of the best Auto Clickers for Minecraft in 2022. 

So, without waiting, let us get started.

What Are The Instances Of Auto-clicking That Can Be Used?

Auto Clicking is a user-friendly tool that enhances your gameplay experience in Minecraft. By automated clicks, players can save a lot of time and effort, which also prevents them from boredom owing to long clicking sessions. 

They help the players to focus on more unique aspects of the game than activities that demand clicking. Thus, if you wish to focus on the creative aspects of Minecraft, Auto Clicking tools would come in handy. 

Best Auto Clicker for Minecraft

1. Minecraft built-in Auto Clicker

Starting off our list with an in-built auto-clicking feature offered by Minecraft. They introduced the auto-clicking feature as a part of the latest update. The auto clicker in Minecraft helps you automate your clicking process and is compatible with all the versions of the game.

Players need to tweak the mouse button settings to any key on the keyboard. With its easy-to-understand user interface and automated clicks at the highest speed, it is one of the best options.

You can use the built-in auto clicker to kill multiple enemies simultaneously. Furthermore, the auto clicker can also be used when facing a 1v1 situation as you will use weapons more quickly, which will gain a significant advantage and deal more damage to your opponent. 

However, be careful, as players need to remember the hotkey sequence to enable the auto clicks. 

2. Dusk clicker v4

Dusk Clicker is another free-to-use Minecraft auto clicker available for lunar,badlion, and vanilla/forger clients. It also supports all the prominent PvP versions, like 1.8.9 and 1.7.0. However, it is not compatible with other versions, which is a vital drawback. 

The auto-clicking software provides you with an easy user interface which is beneficial for beginners. Furthermore, it is more convenient as players can customize hotkeys according to their preferences, which gives them a personalized touch. 

3. Fast Auto Clicker

If you are looking for an auto clicker that provides maximum clicks within a brief span, a fast auto clicker is here. It can deliver up to 9999 clicks in a second. Players can also tweak mouse buttons and keyboard keys according to their requirements. 

The software is undetectable and will not get you banned from the game. Furthermore, it is free to use and is compatible with all versions. The tool is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms and is not available for Linux devices. 

With no reliance on the internet and fast clicks, the tool is one of the best options for Minecraft. 

4. Auto Key Clicker

An auto key clicker is a handy tool that helps you manage your clicks in Minecraft. Players also get the option of tweaking the value of the interval and the keys pressed. The clicking journey begins by pressing F3 and can be stopped using F4. 

With text and mouse imputes with a saving settings option, it is one of the best auto-clicking tools for Minecraft that will help you save valuable time.

It is also small and easy to use, which makes it more appealing to players. The software supports Windows and Android platforms with no need for the internet.

However, players need to be beware that sometimes the anti-virus tool recognizes it as malware that can pose some issues with its functioning. It is also tedious to integrate this third-party app with Minecraft.

5. E Auto Clicker

Next on our list is another free-to-use auto-clicking tool for Minecraft that is compatible with Windows and Android platforms. It is a fast-clicking tool that will help you enhance your gaming experience. Players need to choose the mouse-clicking options followed by the type. 

The software also allows you to create a hotkey for starting or stopping the clicking. With a tempting-looking GUI, players also have the option to change settings to click after a specific delay. The tool also comes with an in-built program for testing the applied settings before we put them to use. 

The only major con of using the tool is that the third-party app can have some trouble during the initial phase owing to integration issues. If we move past it, it is one of the best tools available for auto-clicking in Minecraft.

6. OP Auto Clicker

OP Auto Clicker is an auto clicker tool compatible with windows and android platform devices. The software offers the players two modes of auto-clicking to choose. Clicking can be pre-defined at a dynamic location or a location entered by the player. 

Furthermore, you can change your hotkey according to your liking and save your settings based on the last session. With a clean user interface and low CPU resource consumption, it is one of the ideal choices for an auto-clicking tool for Minecraft. 

However, as it is a third-party app, players will have some trouble with its functioning owing to several bugs. 

7. Forge Auto Clicker

Next on our list is an auto-clicking software that is fully customizable and offers fast auto-clicking. Forge auto clicker also allows the player to tweak the repetitions of clicking. You can also set custom hotkeys according to your requirement and pick from single, double, or triple-clicking.

The software provides a user-friendly interface which is ideal for beginners and professionals. However, the software only supports devices with the Windows platform, which will refrain some players from using the tool. 

8. GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker is a freeware tool that supports devices with Windows OS. The software offers hotkey customization to players along with software-generated mouse clicks. With its simple and easy-to-understand settings and features, it is one of the best tools you can utilize for Minecraft.

However, several players have reported constant crashes related to the tool. Furthermore, it is not an advanced tool and does not offer many customization options to adhere to, which can hinder your gameplay experience.

9. Perfect Automation Clicker

Perfect Automation Clicker saves players valuable time and helps them focus on more distinct features in the game. 

The tool eliminates the drawback of our previous clicker and offers many advanced options, such as a robust script editor with a scheduler and a keyboard recorder, which can come in handy. It also provides a simple user interface that will appeal to many players. 

The tool is available for all Windows and Mac platform-based devices. However, with many advanced configurations to tweak, players can find it tedious to understand the mechanics. 

10. Auto Mouse Clicker

Auto Mouse Clicker is another handy-clicking tool available for the Windows platform. The tool allows players to regulate their keyboard controls besides the mouse settings. It is an excellent tool for Minecraft for players looking to automate their regular repetitive tasks. 

It is one of the most reliable auto-clicking software requiring no programming knowledge. Furthermore, it also allows players the choice to undergo advanced configurations. However, as it is a third-party tool, the anti-virus can consider malware that might disrupt its functioning. 

11. Advanced Auto Clicker

As the name suggests, Advanced Auto Clicker offers the opportunity to customize its settings for a more personalized experience. Players can set the auto-clicking and enable it for specific parts of the screen for more efficient results. 

The latest addition to the advanced features of the tool is the random interval option that allows the players to equip themselves with better control of the game. Click frequency, utilized buttons, or single or double click selection are some notable features offered by the tool. 

However, the game only supports devices with the Windows OS platform and is an excellent choice for click-intensive game titles like Minecraft. 

12. Max Auto Clicker

Last but not least is Max Auto Clicker. The tool offers quick automated clicks that will come in handy for players wishing to improve their gaming experience. The software offers a simple yet appealing interface that is easy to understand. 

Players can choose from several mouse clicks, depending on their needs. It is a secure tool free from any malware or virus that can disrupt the functioning of your system. With its random delay feature, players will enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Benefits of Using Auto Clicker for Minecraft Game in 2023

We listed some notable benefits of using auto-clicking tools for Minecraft as follows.

  • Auto-clicking software is easy to understand and use. Players can exploit the automated clicks for a rich and immersive gaming experience.  
  • Most of the auto-clicking software is compatible with all versions of Minecraft. Furthermore, these tools can be used for other titles which require aim help or excessive clicking. 
  • Auto Clicking software is not detectable, so players do not have to worry about malfunctioning or other issues. However, be careful with third-party apps. 
  • Auto-clicking tools are free of cost and can be availed easily using the internet. Therefore, players can use them for different apps and games based on their requirements. 
  • These tools do not require the internet after their installation. So, players will not have to worry about having a stable internet connection to reap the benefits of automated clicks. 

How Can You Use An Auto Clicker For Minecraft?

Players need to follow the below-stated steps to enjoy using Auto Clicker for Minecraft. 

  • Navigate to the internet and download the auto-clicking software according to your liking. If you wish to skip this step, you can also use the in-built auto-clicking tool available in Minecraft. 
  • Once you find your ideal auto-clicking tool, you need to tweak the settings based on your needs. It implies selecting the number of clicks in a second, which can be increased or decreased. You can also change advanced settings if allowed by the tool to customize clicks. 
  • Players need to step into the Minecraft world and exploit these settings to their advantage. Pressing the F6 button will allow them to enable the auto-clicking feature, which can be toggled by pressing it again. However, disable the auto-click feature when you exit the game. 


Would Using A Minecraft Auto-clicker Get Me Banned?

Players will not get banned from Minecraft if they decide to opt for an auto-clicking tool. However, some servers do not allow the use of auto-clicking tools. Players need to be cautious and select the server which allows help from the auto-clicking tool. 

Is There A Mouse With An Auto Clicker?

No, there is no mouse available in the market which comes with an inbuilt auto mouse clicker.

Is Auto-clicker Allowed On Steam?

Yes, several auto-clicking tools are available on Steam. You can choose the ideal tool according to your requirement and download it to improve your gaming experience. 


These were some of the best auto-clicking tools you can find in the market for Minecraft, along with their benefits. It is crucial to state that the decision to go with any auto clicker depends on your preferences.

If you are a beginner, opt for tools with an easy interface, as changing a few settings would work for you. However, if you are a veteran of the game, tweaking some advanced settings would be ideal for enhancing your gaming journey.

We hope you liked our article. 

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