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What is the Kohi Click test?

Kohi click test is a clicking technique. To be more clear, it is a mouse clicking technique used for gaming. This clicking technique is used in playing Minecraft. Proper clicking techniques are used to score more in games manually, instead of cheat codes that can cause you to get banned.

Kohi click test or click speed test that tests your clicking speed and efficiency in a given time. It indicates how many times you have clicked the mouse button in the timed test and generates your result according to the number of clicks per second.

How did the Kohi click test get its name?

Kohi click test is named after a Minecraft server 'Kohi' which is extremely popular and reputed among gamers and is especially known for its Hardcore factions game approaches. Unlike other servers, this server pays special attention to all its users, providing them the best Minecraft multiplayer experience ever. The server does not support any kind of Pay to Win mechanism and a classic survival experience.

Thus, this is one of the favorite and most popular servers of Minecraft. Hence, this Kohi Click Test is named after the server Kohi of Minecraft.

Why is Clicking Speed Important in Minecraft?

With a good clicking speed in Minecraft, you can increase your efficiency and playing abilities. CPS or Clicks per Second is a crucial factor in the determination of PvP, quick clicking will always work in your favor. With a higher Kohi Click speed, you can strike at your opponent before they strike back.

For example, you have a CPS of 15, while your opponent’s CPS is 6, in this scenario, you will have the upper hand at the game because by having a high Kohi Click Speed, you can defeat them easily before they defeat you.

How can I click like a pro?

Kohi Click is highly helpful in gaming, especially Minecraft. The CPS skills will gain you PvP. If you are not so good at Kohi Click, just know that no one is ever born an expert. Proficiency is achieved with time, and through these factors mentioned below.

Use Kohi Click Speed Tester Tool and practice daily

Use the Kohi Click speed tester tool and use it to practice clicking daily and for a regular time period. This will train your brain to click faster with each passing practice session. Also, practicing with a proper technique will help you master the technique while increasing the CPS.

Implement kohi click in Minecraft game

While you are learning Kohi click using the tool, also apply what you have learned in an actual Minecraft game so you know your progress.

Make use of gaming mouse

If your you wish to increase CPS like a pro, prefer a gaming mouse instead of a standard one to ensure durability and speed. CPS or kohi click needs high performance, which is supported by a gaming mouse, anyone you prefer.

Get used to different clicking techniques

There are different clicking techniques that can be used in increasing your CPS. Try and get used to some of these techniques and you can be even better at clicking and gaming.

Avoid Using Auto Clickers to Kohi click

Auto Clickers are tools that register mouse clicks illegally. If you use this tool, you can input your desired number of clicks per second. But, if you are Kohi Clicking, avoid the use of any auto clickers as Minecraft auto-detects any unethical practices and blocks the user with malpractices. So, if you plan on using an Auto Clicker, you should better reconsider.

How to take a kohi click test?

To take the Kohi Click test, follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Arrange your system and use a perfect mouse for clicking.
  • Open your browser and visit ‘’, you can use any browser of your choice.
  • The webpage loads.
  • In the left panel, a list with a number of options can be seen.
  • Look for ‘ Kohi Click Test’ and click on it.
  • The Kohi Click Test window appears.
  • The clicking frame that says ‘Click Here to Start Playing’ can be seen.
  • Take a deep breath and when you are ready, start the Kohi Click speed test by clicking the mouse for the first time.
  • As soon as you begin with the first click, the test starts.
  • Click the mouse as fast as you can until the timer ends.
  • After the timer is completed, the result along with a rank, according to your performance, is declared.

Is jitter clicking allowed on Hypixel?

Jitter clicking allowed until you use any banned techniques or modifications. Most cheat detection techniques are unhuman like when you use auto clicker and macros and get constant cps without dropping. You can get banned by Hipixel when you use such modifications.

Why should I kohi click?

It is safer than jitter

Kohi click is safer than jitter click, which can cause pain in your hand, wrist, arm, and fingers. If used for a long period of time, jitter clicking may also cause Arthritis and Carpal tunneling. Unlike this, the Kohi click is safer and does not cause any short-term or long-term problems or health issues.

Kohi clicking is beneficial in Minecraft

Kohi clicking is highly beneficial in Minecraft as it does not hurt your fingers to click for long hours of the game. Thus, if you can Kohi click, you can play Minecraft easily.

Jitter Clicking Vs Kohi click test. Which is Better?

On comparing the pros and cons of both Kohi Click and Jitter Click, it is concluded that Kohi Click is safer and better than Jitter Clicking. Jitter Clicking may lead to finger and wrist pain and thus, is considered unsafe in the matter.

Final Verdict

Kohi Click is highly beneficial in Minecraft while being safer than others, also being helpful in many other games, and is a gaming technique that can be earned and excelled easily. Thus, through regular practice and proper application, Kohi Click can be excelled in no time.

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