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What is jitter clicking?

Jitterclicking is a method coined by the Minecraft 'PvP' community. It is about jittering your hand on the mouse as fast as you can. To do jitter clicking follow the tips below:

  • Keep your arm steady, do not grab your mouse too hard.
  • Place your finger to the mouse button and shake the muscles of your wrist.
  • To make it simple you can push your mouse around while clicking.

Is jitter clicking bad?

Yes, jitter clicking is bad for health. It can cause Arthritis or Carpal tunneling these are the issues that happened due to frictioning your joints above the limits and Jitterclicking is quite the same.

How to Choose the Right Mouse for Jitter Clicking?

The goal for jitter clicking is to increase your clicks per second to perform like a pro in games special when you play against other players.

Especially in games like Minecraft PvP(Players vs Players) fastest clicking matters where you play against other players. Clicking speed matters when you try to make a chance to stand against other players.

There are certain features you should look out for when you are sorting out the best mouse for increasing your clicks per second. The must include features are shown below:

1. Durability:

  • First and foremost you need a mouse with durability. Because you will be clicking very fast and put numerous clicking impression.
  • The durable mouse much lasts for longer because sometimes you need to click much harder than usual.

2. Mechanical VS Optical Switch:

  • The traditional (Mechanical) mouse transmits an electrical signal to send click information to the computer. It takes a longer time as compared to the Optical switches mouse.
  • Optical switches mouse transmits information with a beam of light, and it happens immediately after clicking. It is far faster than the traditional switch.

Is Jitter clicking dangerous?

Jitter clicking is safe if you're clicking a range between 9 to 15cps. Try not to cross the limit over 15-30 seconds. It can hurt your arm, hand, wrist, and fingers for a long time. It can seriously damage your hand when you cross your clicking limits.

Is jitter clicking allowed on Hypixel?

Jitter clicking allowed until you use any banned techniques or modifications. Most cheat detection techniques are unhuman like when you use auto clicker and macros and get constant cps without dropping. You can get banned by Hipixel when you use such modifications.

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