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Typing Test


1. What is the Typing test?

There is no doubt that the Internet has come up as a boon for the present generation. Today people prefer to write and chat rather than calling or dialing anyone to the telephone. Apparently, mastering in the typing has become quite necessary.

So, are you aware of whether you are able to type fast or not? Is the accuracy in the typing work is fair or not? So, to check all this, it is necessary to take a particular typing test. It helps to test the typing speed with accuracy on the keyboards. It is very necessary to make use of the two fingers in an efficient manner to improve the typing skill of the person.

Even a number of employers are seen to test the typing speed of the person while hunting for the employees. Basically, it helps the employers to know whether the applicant will be able to deal with the various business requirements or not.

Though there is another most important thing that is included when you wish to improve your typing speed. It is how speedily you can press the spacebar after each word. You can improve this technique by the side practicing with spacebar counter games.

2. How to test typing speed?

There are many typing tutorials available, which helps to know how to make use of the QWERTY keyboards in a proper manner. So, once you get well accustomed to the keywords, it is important to get evaluated. One can take various online tests as per their level, which includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. They will provide the appropriate result once the evaluation is done.

At the initial stage, it is better to opt for the open typing test. Since these tests do not have any time limitations, one can confidently take time and enjoy your tying test. However, once you feel that you are ready to attempt for any level of test, you must try for various timed tests and assignments. Both the free and paid versions of the assignments help to test the typing speed of the person perfectly. Many typing games and typing exercises can even be made use to improve the typing skill of the person.

3. How to test your typing speed?

If you wish to begin with your job hunting task, it is necessary to evaluate your typing skills beforehand. It will help you to know the current level of typing performance and the areas of improvement required.

It is very easy to keep a check on the typing skill of the person by themselves. One can take various typing tests like MonkeyType and 10 Fast Fingers in general to examine their skill. Various online tests and assignments are being offered on the various websites which could possibly be put in use. One can opt for the test by paying a nominal charge at the registration stage. Even free series of assignments are uploaded on the websites which can be used. You can even type a matter as per your will in order to check the accuracy level. Rather, in the end, this practice proves to be very beneficial.

4. How to pass a typing test for a job?

In order to qualify the wpm typing test, it is necessary to take a regular practice test. It is important to understand the typing skill an individual possesses. It is even necessary to maintain the correct body posture while typing. The fingers should be correctly placed on the keyboard.

It is necessary to ignore the mistakes and continue typing work. The sentences should begin with capital words. Care for the punctuation marks and typing done in a cautious manner helps to get better results.

Moreover, one should take a regular online assessment test to get their score. This would help to fetch the reports of regular typing improvement. Hence, it becomes easier to qualify for a job after the typing test with a strong performance.

Have you ever think about how you can improve your typing skills like professionals without losing your accuracy?

You are at the right place where you can practice a lot of times until you do not become perfect in typing. We developed a typing speed test consisting of over 1 million unique words ranging from easy to very hard.

Also, we offer test time intervals ranging from 1 minute to 15 minutes, so you can pick the model that is most suitable for you!

Addition In How to test your typing speed?

Follow below simple steps:

Step 1: Use any of your browsers and google for cpstest.org/typing-speed-test.

Step 2: Now, choose any typing test mode between 1 minute to 15 minutes test.

Step 3: As soon as the test ends you will receive the result with your typing speed scores and accuracy percentiles.


Type as many words as you can in your chosen typing test mode. The speed indicates how many words you can type per minute, while the accuracy describes the accuracy of your typing.

The result after the test will motivate you every time to improve your skills than before it was.

The character per minute is equal to the word per minute divided by five. The average word is considered as 5 keystrokes. One keystroke is considered one keypress on the keyboard.

If you are an office worker and work always on the desk. Therefore, you should have good typing skills since maintaining documents relies on your typing abilities.

In this case, a typing speed test is most effective, for example, you can take numerous typing tests at cpstest.org/typing-speed-test.

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