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Scroll Test:-

Users can now check how speedily they can scroll and test its functioning effortlessly using the Scroll Test. Let us explore what is scrolling test is, its benefits, and how to use it!

What is a Scroll Test?

The Scroll test is all about testing the user's scrolling speed. It is an instant, simple online test to perform a vertical scrolling test. It aims at amplifying the scroll speed of users. The mouse is a vital peripheral for gamers to counter their opponents. For this, gamers can take our scroll test to check their mouse wheel functionality. All the users need to do is scroll their mouse as fast as possible. There also scroll games like 100 meter scroll test available.

Features of the Scroll Test

The various aspects that fit together to make the Scroll Test preferable are its appealing features:

  • It has a simple-to-use interface when compared to other websites for the convenience of users.
  • Available for free with 24/7 accessibility.
  • Test your scrolling ability and get precise instant results in pixels per second format.
  • Provides a safe environment for the users, free from the risk of malware.
  • Multiple web server compatibility.

Horizontal versus vertical scrolling:

There are two types of scrolling methods users commonly use:

  • Vertical Scroll
  • Horizontal Scroll

We use the scroll bar to move the view contents up and down or left and right. A vertical scroll test method enables the users to scroll the view content either up or down, whereas a horizontal scroll method lets the users scroll the view content either left or right.

Mostly all the mouses come with a vertical scrolling functionality. There are times when we also require horizontal scrolling functionality, for which we have some superior mice that include a horizontally scrolling wheel along with the vertical scroll wheel.

Why Scroll Test?

Ever wondered why the scroll test matters a lot? Let's have a glance at the importance of the scroll test:

  • To test mouse scroll wheel: Proper functioning of mouse matters. Make sure that the mouse isn't malfunctioning and lets you fulfill your daily tasks conveniently. The scrolling test enables the users to check whether their mouse scroll wheel is operating in good condition or not. Users may also test their newly purchased mice's scroll wheel using the scroll test.
  • To scroll faster in scrolling game to aim better: The scroll test matters for the young gaming generation. These players devote their full time to counter their opponents and win. In shooting games where the players play with snippers, it is crucial to scroll faster to aim properly. Hence, taking our scroll test enhances the scrolling speed of players to let them scroll faster.
  • For comparison of different mouses: Scroll test is very beneficial in many aspects. One of them is for the comparison of various mouses. The functionality of each mouse differs in terms of various factors. Hence a scrolling test can come into use to compare different mouses in terms of DPI, pixel scroll ability, etc.

Uses of Scroll Test:-

The scroll test comes in handy for several purposes. Some of its uses and shortcuts that tech geek’s should always prefer:

  • Closing browser tab: If there are multiple tabs open on your browser and you want to close them, it is not possible to go on every tab and click the x button to close it. Instead, users may use the mouse scroll button. Take the mouse pointer to the tab and click the mouse middle button to close it.
  • Open link in a new tab: Using the mouse scroll rather than right-clicking to open a link in a new tab is an efficient method. All users need to do is click the mouse scroll button on the link, and the link will open in a new tab without putting in much effort.
  • Scrolling page up and down: It is the most known and essential use of the mouse scrolling. We use it often to scroll the window up and down or left and right.
  • To zoom page: The mouse scroll button is also handy to zoom in page. If you find it difficult to read the small font displayed on the screen, use the mouse scroll to zoom in and read the content effortlessly.
  • To zoom and aim in gaming: Our young gamers can also use the mouse scroll button to zoom and get better at aiming. It amplifies the chances of them winning.

What is Hyper Scrolling:

Hyper Scrolling is nothing but an efficient feature of the mouse, especially the gaming mouse like the Logitech G502, which enables the users to scroll up and down super fast. It is essential to have the hyper scrolling feature mouse to optimize your time when in a hurry.

How to use Scroll Tester?

Using the scroll tester is very straightforward without requiring much effort. Test your scrolling speed by following the below steps:

  • Proceed with launching the scroll test from the
  • Take a glance at the scroll speed test once the page opens.
  • Here you will find a section to begin your scroll test. Hit the enter button to proceed with the test.
  • All you need is stable internet connectivity for taking the scroll test.
  • Once the test begins, scroll as fast as you can to make the maximum score.
  • When the test ends, the result is generated based on your performance.

What are the causes of the mouse wheel not scrolling?

We get frustrated when the mouse wheel, the main peripheral of the computer, starts malfunctioning. Here listed are some reasons behind the mouse wheel not scrolling:

  • Dust and debris: Constant use of the mouse without proper maintenance causes the dust and debris to settle on the mouse scroll wheel. This causes mechanical issues with the mouse wheel and leads to its faulty working.
  • Battery concerns: Another major cause of the mouse wheel not scrolling effectively is the low battery issues with wireless mice. Although a wireless mouse comes with rechargeable batteries or USB cable, if not charged on time, the mouse will stop functioning.

Other than the above major issues, there are other root causes behind the faulty functioning of mouse wheel scroll-like corrupt system files, using the mouse with an incompatible operating system, or improper mouse settings in the Operating system settings.

How to fix it when the mouse scroll stops functioning?

Imagine you doing your work or playing the game, and suddenly your mouse scroll stops working. Isn't this annoying?

To overcome such situations, here are some tips users may use to fix the mouse scroll issue:

  • Reconnect the mouse: Sometimes, disconnecting the mouse and plugging it back is all you need to do to fix the mouse scroll issue. Try plugging the mouse back to any other USB port. Doing so restarts the mouse drivers again and could resolve this mouse scroll functioning issue.
  • Replace the batteries: Another issue is the low battery problem. The low battery issues of the wireless mouse lead to the unusual behavior of the mouse scroll wheel. An efficient way to fix this issue is by replacing the batteries with others or with any rechargeable batteries.
  • Clean the mouse: Accumulation of the dust and debris due to consistent use of mouse leads to its malfunctioning. Users must regularly clean their mouse for the proper functioning of the mouse scroll wheel.
  • Check the touchpad: If the laptop users face any issue with the mouse scroll, they may prefer checking the touchpad of their respective laptops. Spilling food particles or water on the touchpad may lead to the malfunctioning of the scroll. Hence check your touchpad when such a situation arises and disable it.
  • Check mouse wheel settings: When the mouse wheel stops working, rush to the settings sections of your operating system and look through the mouse settings to check whether the mouse wheel scrolling is enabled ad configured appropriately or not.
  • Update Mouse drivers: It is the most efficient method of fixing the mouse wheel scroll issue. All you need to do is go to the settings and check for the device manager to download and update the latest mouse driver version ensuring the proper functioning of the mouse wheel scroll.


Enabling the scroll on a laptop is very simple.

  • 1. Launch the settings section on your laptop.
  • 2. When the settings section pops up, click on the device settings tab.
  • 3. Click on the touchpad and then slide down to enable the scroll using the two-finger option to scroll on your laptop.

The page up and page down keys on the laptop enable scrolling, but other than these, hitting the space buttons scrolls the page down, and the shift+ space button scrolls the page up.

There may be many reasons behind the faulty functioning of the mouse in scroll in opposite direction. It may be because of accumulated dust, low battery issues, and many more.

Users may do so by taking this scroll test to check their mouse scroll functionality. You may have take multiple scrolling test to get the 100% accurate results.

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