Top 10 Auto Clicker For iPhone 

If you are also a part of the group bored of handling repetitive tasks on your iPhone, Auto Clickers would save you time and provide you productive experience. They are helpful to smoothen your workflow, play games, or perform daily tasks based on your needs.  

Players can alter the duration of these automated clicks and modify the frequency location for a more personalized experience. However, there are tons of auto clicker for iPhone are available, it becomes difficult to choose the ideal tool

To assist you in decision-making, we have provided a list of the top 10 auto clickers for iPhones that will boost your productivity. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Features of Auto Clickers for iOS

Many auto-clicking tools prevailing in the market offer similar features, which are discussed as follows. 

  • Auto Clickers consume only a few CPU resources to provide a rich experience. 
  • Settings made by the user are stored for future reference. 
  • The hotkeys would function without issue, even if you are working on a background application. 
  • Most of the advanced auto clickers offer the option to use double or triple clicking for a more engaging experience. 
  • Auto clickers are safe to use and do not contain viruses or malware that may harm your system. 

Uses of Auto Clicker for iPhone

Auto clickers are used in a variety of ways to ease out manual clicking requirements. Some of the prominent uses of the auto-clicking tools are as follows. 

1. As a Gaming Tool

Auto Clickers are popularly used for gaming purposes. They are ideal for gaming titles focused on clicking intensive objectives or missions that may get boring or repetitive for players. With automated clicking offered by these tools, they help to provide a better experience to the player owing to the game.  Auto clicker mostly used by gamers at CPS Tester to get more CPS (clicks per second) score.

2. Fast Clicking Speeds

Auto Clickers are capable of delivering quick automated clicks for any user needs. They are capable of delivering up to 9999 clicks or more within a single second, which allows you to perform several tasks based on your needs. 

3. Used by Professional Programmers or Software Testers

Auto clickers come in handy when it comes to testing software issues or problems with the UI. With auto clickers, users can see the data interpretation and utilize it to rectify the errors in the program. They are utilized for eliminating any clicking issues in software. 

4. Data Entry-Related Activities

Quicking accessing different cells or making quick clicking for data entry into the system can get challenging. Auto clickers help remove the challenge by assisting using automated clicks. 

Best Auto Clicker for iPhone

1. CP Clicker

CP Clicker is a handy auto-clicking tool that can provide auto clicks based on the user’s requirements. Users can tweak and make changes to settings based on their preferences and start exploiting the benefits of the tool.

CP Clicker is free for users and caters to boosting your productivity. 

Some pros and cons of CP Clicker are as follows. 


  • Multi-target modes to facilitate script storing. 
  • Not detectable
  • Steady and rapid automated clicking. 


  • Do not work instantly if the application is closed and enabled again.

2. Auto Clicker – Tapper & Automatic Clicker

Auto Clicker Tapper and Automatic Clicker allow the users to tweak the mouse settings for automated clicking. The tool also comes with a simple UI, which is ideal for novice users.

Users can also select the clicking type and click speed rates for a customizable experience. Auto Clicker-Tapper is free to download. 

Some pros and cons of Auto Clicker and Tapper are as follows. 


  • Ideal for beginners with its simple interface.
  • Rapid automated clicking 
  • Useful for gaming titles. 


  • Causes problems if your phone switches off without disabling the application. 

3. Auto Clicker – Automatic Tool

Next on our list is a tool that features many options to cater to the needs of the user. Auto Clicker- Automatic Tool is an effective auto clicker that allows to tweak their clicking speed and clicking type or possess an image stitcher for advanced users. 

The tool requires a monthly paid subscription and helps to enhance the productivity of users through its unique features, which are missing in other auto clickers. It is one of the best auto clickers for the iPhone. Some pros and cons of Auto Clicker- Automatic tool are as follows. 


  • Customizable clicking speed and time interval for automated clicks.
  • Auto refresh feature for compatible browsers.
  • Option to save website screenshots alongside image stitcher. 


  • Difficult to understand for beginners. 

4. Auto Clicker by NVQ Std

Auto Clicker by NVQ Std supports many unique features, such as swiping gestures and multiple taps, which appeal to most players. The tool is free and saves your settings for future automated clicking. With its simple interface, it is ideal for beginners. 

Some pros and cons of Auto Clicker by NVQ Std are as follows. 


  • Require no root access. 
  • Unique features such as gesture swipes.
  • Support multiple languages.


  • The tool does not open instantly when restarting.

5. Auto Clicker by MGGM

Auto Clicker by MGGM is an auto-clicking tool available for free. The tool offers many distinct features like auto swipes and touches and allows users to tweak the time interval between automated clicking based on their needs. However, this is only available for android platforms. 

Some pros and cons of Auto Clicker by MGGM are as follows. 


  • The customizable setting for target bars.
  • Adjustable time duration for automated clicks.
  • Auto swipe and touch feature on any part of the screen.


  • Crashes at regular intervals for some users. 

6. Auto Clicker iOS

Auto Clicker iOS is suitable for users who do not prefer using an auto-clicking tool daily. Users can tweak the number of clicking cycles based on their requirements and limit the clicks to a certain extent. 

Although it does not offer advanced features for gaming, it is ideal for casual use. Auto Clicker iOS is available for free. Some pros and cons of Auto Clicker iOS are as follows. 


  • Ideal for occasional auto-clicking purposes.
  • Option to record clicking movements for future uses.
  • Simple UI suitable for novice users. 


  • The application may crash at regular intervals and restart again. 

7. Tap Tool – Auto Clicker – Tapping

As the name suggests, the tool offers the option to perform automated tap clicks based on your requirements. The tool does not require any root access and is a user-friendly interface that appeals to most players. 

Users can also avail of the macro feature, which allows them to record the clicks for reference in the upcoming time. Some pros and cons of Tap Tool Auto Clicker are as follows. 


  • No root access is desired. 
  • Friendly UI is easy to understand. 
  • Fast automated-clicking speeds. 


  • Do not offer a customization option for clicking features.

8. QuickTouch – Automatic Clicker

Quick Touch auto clicker is one of the fastest auto-clicking tools featured on our list. The tool allows the option to instantly switch between displays and tweak the time interval between each auto click. 

Furthermore, it does not require root access and offers a manual counting tool for additional benefits. Quick touch is free and offers the best auto-clicking features that enhance your user experience. 

Some pros and cons of QuickTouch auto clicker are as follows.


  • One of the fastest auto-clicker available.
  • Easy and friendly UI.
  • No root access is desired. 


  • Do not offer the option to tweak the primary clicker interface.

9. Click Assistant – Auto Clicker

Click Assistant is a popular auto clicker for iOS platforms that offers loads of customization options related to automated clicking. The tool does not require root access and a friendly UI experience that appeals to most players. 

Some pros and cons of Click Assistant are as follows. 


  • No root access is desired. 
  • Macro function for complex tasks like curve swipes and pinches. 
  • Pause option available during script creation. 


  • Do not offer advanced features for users with gaming needs.

10. Game Master – Auto Clicker

Last but not least is another free auto-clicking tool equipped with loads of features for boosting productivity. The application provides a macro function, which is helpful for click-intensive games.

Furthermore, users can also choose clicking type for a personalized experience. The tool is free to avail and is best for casual use.

Some pros and cons of Game Master are as follows. 


  • No root access is desired.
  • Macro function for advanced users.
  • Support long presses and swipes. 


  • Not ideal for novice players because of the advanced-looking UI.


Can You Auto Click On Mobile?

Yes, using any of the auto-clicking tools mentioned in the list, you can avail the benefits of auto-clicking on mobile.

Is It Legal For Users To Use An Auto Clicker On iOS?

Yes, it is legal to use an auto clicker on iOS platforms for your daily needs. 


These were some best auto clickers you can use for iPhone. We recommend you check reviews and store ratings before reaching a decision. Choosing a malicious auto clicker can get your phone hacked or could be used to steal private information.

We hope you liked the article. 

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