Auto Clicker For Chromebook

The Chromebook is one of the greatest inventions of our time, Since it’s intended to make using web applications quick, simple, and effective for people.Are you looking for a solution for continuous clicking tasks while working on a chrome book?

Everybody will have that desire to automate those boring jobs. The answer is just simple: You need to get an auto clicker for chrome book. 

You can focus on many tasks at once with an auto clicker because it provides you with unsurpassed clicking speed.

How To Enable Auto Clicker On Chromebook?

Auto clicker can be defined or referred to as an automated tool.This can be also described as an intelligent program, or macro which is smart, technologically advanced, and highly effective. This is used to automate and click on computer screen elements more quickly than a human would.

A built-in auto clicker is a feature that your Chromebook features, did you know that? This means you may easily automate your manual mouse clicks and replace them with intelligent ones that have qualities that suit you better.

Follow these steps to enable the auto clicker in your chrome book.

  1. Go to the bottom right and select time or press and hold “Alt+Shift+S” on your keyboard.
  2. Will take you to settings.
  3. Select “Advanced” under the time setting.
  4. Select “Manage Accessibility Features” below the “Accessibility” menu. 
  5. Expand the section labeled “Mouse and Touchpad” and choose the one that reads “Automatically Click” when the mouse cursor stops.
  6. At this point, you have the option of further customizing the intelligent cursor by making a few changes.

Chromebook Auto Clicker Features You Should know.

There are many features provided by the chromebook auto clicker. The main features are:

Delay Before Click

We can set a time interval between two clicks with the help of an autoclicker in chromebook. The time interval can range from 0.6 to 4 seconds. This you can activate by clicking on delay first. Then you can select your needed time duration from the options in the drop down box. If you select 3 seconds as delay , then your move will click automatically in each  3 seconds. 

Stabilize Click Location

Here this particular feature will allow you to hold your mouse pointer in a particular place to perform continuous clicks. It will remain there until you change the position by the trackpad of the chromebook. 

Adjust Size Of Cursor

Sometimes you need to adjust the size of the cursor. This feature helps you to reduce mouse cursor ring size for precise clicks. This will avoid accidentally clicking over other buttons, you can use the large ring size for big clicking areas.  

Revert To Left Click After Action

This is also an auto clicker feature that you can explore. You are provided with an option of revert to left click after the action, when you enable the auto click option. 

So after every action that you carried out, the mouse will automatically return to left clicking.

Automatic Scroll

If you want to use this function you need to activate the automatic scroll function. For that go to the automatic click menu, select automatic scroll. There Might be some options like left, right, top or bottom. You can select any one of the options according to your needs. 

Customize Clicks

In chromebook, you can customize your clicks as per your requirements. Left click, right click event double clicks are the options for customizing the clicks. 

Use Auto Clicker App On Chromebook

Just like our android mobiles, chromebook also provides the facility of play store to download various applications as per our preference. This particular feature might be turned off in Chromebook by default. So first step you need to turn on that. Go for the following steps:

  1. Press the keys “Alt+Shift+S” on the keyboard. A menu will appear.
  2. Click on Setting Options, scroll down to reach option Google Play Store
  3. Choose the “Turn on Button”, and click on “Accept the Terms and Services” to enable the playstore. Now the play store is enabled in your chromebook.
  4. Go to the search bar, search for “Auto Clicker Automatic Tap”.
  5. Find the application from the menu, and select the install menu to start the installation process.    
  6. After the installation, the app will automatically appear as an icon on your screen. 
  7. Open the application, follow their instructions and utilize the application as per your demands. 

How To Get an Auto Clicker On a School Chromebook Like Pro?

Due to administration settings, students in school Chrome are not permitted to use any app, however we discovered a method over this restriction.

  1. Go to google search, search for and open the link.
  2. On the top of the right side of your screen, a search bar is available, type that “Autoclickerbook” and press the enter button.
  3. Now you can see a window with the response “ spare mind/auto clicker bookmarklet” click on that. You will get another window with 3 files.
  4. First is autoclicker.js, click on that. You will get a priming window. There is an option of “Copy Row Content” beside the delete button. Now using the bookmarket, you are supposed to save the script code of auto clicker in your browsing. 
  5. In the top of the webpage you can see a star button near to 3 dots. Click the star button, one small window will appear, you can give a name like auto clicker chromebook.
  6. Then click on more. Now you can see a URL in the new window, delete it and press “CTRL+V” to paste the auto clicker script which you copied before. Then click save. 
  7. Now the URL appears in the bookmark window,and shown in the title. 
  8. Now you can use the auto clicker. 

To test your auto clicker you can use online tools like Click Test where you can how fast your auto clicker is clicking.

How To Use Auto Clicker In Chromebook Browser 

This method is useful for those who are using google’s chrome browser. Steps are given below:

  1. There will be three vertical dots on the extreme right, top of the chrome book browser, click on that. From the options select Settings
  2. Choose the “Advanced Option” from the next menu.
  3. Select “Accessibility” option
  4. Then choose “Manage Accessibility Features”.
  5. Go to “Mouse and Touchpad” settings.
  6. Enable the “Automatic clicking when the mouse pointer stops”. 
  7. Go Back to the normal browser window. 

Using Auto Clicker Extension For Chromebook 

Using this method rather than downloading an application from the play store, will consume less space. But this will provide more accessibility. 

  1. Go to settings of the chromebook, and open it.
  2. In the left menu bar, extensions will appear.
  3. It will direct you to the chrome extension manager page.     
  4. On the bottom of the left menu bar, Select “Open Chrome Web Store”. 
  5. Type auto clicker in the search bar, the option list will display.
  6. Go to any search result and select “Add To Chrome” to take advantage of auto clicking, 

Now the autoclicker is installed from the chrome extension. This provides you with extensive controls and options through the built-in auto clicker.  


Is There A Auto Clicker Chrome Extension?

Yes, there are chrome extensions for auto clickers. GG auto clicker is one example. IO autoclicker you can download from the Chrome web store as well as it can use the chrome extension for easy access. 

How Do I Turn Off Auto Click On My Chromebook?

  1. Log in to chromebook 
  2. Open the settings from the desktop menu or select the gear icon in the system tray popup.
  3. Go to accessibility, select cursor and touchpad.
  4. Here you will get an option to turn off the auto clicker. 


We discussed 3 methods to enable the auto clicker in the chromebook. An external application from playstore will provide more features to auto click. In-built auto clickers are the best choice. 

Chrome extension method will give you more accessibility and it will not take up more space. 

So depending on your demands, you can choose any of the above mentioned methods to enable auto clicker in chrome book. 

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