Best Aim Practice Games For FPS on PC

The more perfect your focus, the better your chances of winning in FPS games. Perfect timing and clicking speed is among the important skills a gamer needs to possess for defeating enemies in first-person shooter games. Good thing is that you have aim practice games available. These can enhance the target skills.

In many PC shooting games, aiming with the mouse is necessary. The process is not hassle-free and you can take the skill to a different level. All you need is to spend some time on focus training games.

Below are listed some of the finest aim training games with the potential to enhance your shooting skills.

Finest Aim Practice Games for PC Gamers

Your aiming skill is the prime thing to count and after this comes the hardware like a mouse as well as a mousepad that helps you stay on the gear. So, get the hardware pieces right and further try out these finest aim practice games for skill improvements.

1. 3D aim trainer

3D aim trainer

If you are looking for the finest tool for practicing your aim, this is among the best online tools with more than 30 PC games. 3D Aim Trainer adapts to your game or desktop settings and permits you to improve your shooting skills.

It is a fine place for stimulation of in-game target and you do not need to spend much on it. It supports many games like Fortnite, Overwatch, Counter-Strike GO, Team Fortress 2, Rust, Warface, PUBG, Battle Field, and more.

2. Aim400kg


Another finest aim training game comes with the name Aim400KG. It’s fine reflex training for gamers who are in love with PC gaming. From quickness training to quick aiming like a pro, the tool provides you all you need to master aiming skills for PC games.

3. Aim Booster

Aim Booster

Aim Booster is among the finest mouse perfection trainers that come with many useful settings permitting you to practice on something you need to amend. The only problem you find with Aim Booster is that you need to enable your JavaScript first and this runs with just a Flash player. However, you can download Flash Player and operate it to make use of Aim Booster.

4. Aiming Pro

Aiming Pro

If you look for the finest place to simulate your focus in FPS games, Aiming. Pro is something that should be getting busy with.

This online focus trainer will guide you through aim practices and tests for enhancing your shooting skills. Simply sign up on the website and you can get the quickest way to enhance your aim. The tool is made by professional game designers as well as data scientists.

The tool also keeps track of the day-to-day training as well as improvements so that you can monitor the improvements.

Your shooting perfection, reaction speed, undershoot/overshoot, and octant performances are tracked as well as displayed for identifying your areas of weakness as well as improvements.

5. Mouse Accuracy

Mouse Accuracy

This is the simplest tool among the best Aim Training Games that helps you to improve your mouse pointer aiming that is useful in both gaming and other PC performances. Mouse Accuracy and Pointer Click Training are very easy to get along with. All you have to do is choose your Play option and click on the target as quickly as you can.

You can alter the speed of targets appearing as Slow, Normal, Fast, and Epic. Target size is changed as Tiny, Small, Medium, and Large to match your skills.

6. Aim Hero

Aim Hero

For training accuracy for FPS games, Aim Hero is a fine solution. This tool looks much like the Training Aim above. However, it appears to be advanced than the earlier one.

This aim practice game has imported mouse sensitivity settings from various popular FPS games like PUBG, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Fortnite, Paladins, Quake Champions, and Rainbow Six Siege.

It has multiple training modes as well as difficulty levels. With training completed, you have detailed stats to display with each training session so that you track the improvements. All your fine scores are automatically saved.

7. Aim Practice

Aim Practice

This aim training game is developed with the focus on muscle memory for different spots all over the computer screen. It is much beneficial for source games. This game also needs Flash Player. To play the game, tap on the red dot when it flashes.

At first, the dot displays for 7 seconds and finishes for 1 second. You have to tap on the dot before it vanishes. The dot will then display on the screen at random.

You can press S to make the dot display much longer or A to make it appear for a lesser time. With the help of Z and X keys, you can make the dot bigger or smaller.

8. FPS Aim Training by Srimshady

FPS Aim Training by Srimshady

One of the best single-person shooter aim training games is designed by Srimshady. If you ever are taken back by friends or opponents while paying FPS games for the less shooting skill, then the focus practice game is going to change things the way you play.

You commence playing like a pro. All you need to do is to master shooting with this FPS Aim Training game.

The game has a sensitive slider, various screen resolution support, options for amount, size, delay, as well as target duration.

The settings will be saved automatically. Customizable crosshairs, as well as different target ranges, are available. Most importantly, you have the aim training game for OSs like Windows, Linux, Mac, and Web.

Why Aim Practice Games?

The more you play a game and the finer the better skill you will gain. No matter what game you commence playing, you will get along with it over time. So, what’s the main use of the training games while you improve your gaming by playing the real FPS games?

Well, you can prepare yourself for finer gameplay before you land on the field. Thus, it is hard for other players to defeat you and you will go ahead of others all the time.

Are you a loser every time you play (FPS) games? Or maybe you want to improve and gather enough kills in your lovable FPS games? If you are a smart player and want to increase your shooting skills, then this is the fine program for you. This interactive shooting trainer game is called Aim Trainer.

Action Game

This action game is one of the finest aim trainer games there is. It has highly customized features, as well as players, need extra control over the practicing routine. The controls have a resemblance to basic settings that you see in most shooting games.

You get extra things to praise the developers of this game. Apart from customized controls, players have to anticipate is Aim Trainer’s high-quality 3D graphics. Who is crafting a simple practice game with help of 3D graphics? Due to this, it helps give players a much realistic and in-depth training ground for any shooter game.

Since you are speaking about high-quality graphics, one of the good things to point out in this 3D Aim Trainer game is its clean gameplay. You will not experience glitches as you train with Aim Trainer.

You do not encounter any pixelated graphics in the game. All these features help you play the game without flaw, giving you a finer aim practice experience. Besides the graphics as well as customized controls, here are the features that you need to expect from the best Aim Trainer program.

Who says that this game is about aim training? It is not like that, this game offers multiple modes for you: ranked mode, relax/training mode, as well as timed mode. All these modes will help to master your aims and shoots.


Games are playing an important role in the life of a human as of today and the credit goes to technology for keeping us busy with the entertainment of such type. It is better to make a sincere effort before you play the game so that you can take the entertainment level to the highest. The section option is yours when it comes to the best aim practice games for FPS. It depends on the toughness level of the game you choose.

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EA Sports but its for war crimes


i like it 100 rating






cps test


i get 38 cps click in 5 second


lil slow


That’s not how that works (You got 7.6 cps)


I get around 50 to 60 cps


i am doing this on my school chromebook i am poor 🙂


the cps test is kinda hard on a laptop tho………. it sometimes doesnt register my clicks


u gotta practice


i got 8.14 CPS lol. i didn’t try.idk if its good


it is ok but not good (I get around 9 to 12 cps and I do the 1 second clicing one so ya )

Johnny person

I got 10 1 second cps test

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