The Best Idle Games And Clicker Games On PC

First and foremost, it is advisable to have the slightest notion about the finest idle games on PC. Know that with the clicker games, you get some interesting notions expressed by words and this provides an imprint that lasts longer.

These are also designated as the “idle games” or the “clicker games”. Do not come to a negative conclusion by such names provided to such PC games. Just by the click of the mouse, you get a reward and this reward is small but the best part of it is that with repetition.

The process is going to get simplified and you will get efficiency as well as profitability. And these games also help you when you go for aim practicing.

Idle clicker games are among the best incremental games that have been launched in the international market as of today.

In general cases or generally, you observe a snowball impact and this moves ahead parallel with your growth thereby making the clicks extra productive. This is, in fact, good when it comes to the overall increment. You will find many idle clicker games that are superb.

What do idle clicker games actually do? They put you in a situation where you need to land some massive clicks to achieve your target quickly. And this kind of game can also be termed a click test game because it helps you in improving your clicking speed.

The best part of it is that even if you do not play, the game will still operate on its own and this is the reason that the word “idle” is justified.

Clicker games have the potential to refine complex concepts and this happens by way of a single click as well as automation. This is a wonderful concept that is exemplary for study.

You are made to think about the origin that constitutes the game. The notion of idle games is fascinating and the core focus is to get the output of the maximum game with just a single mouse click. By doing so, such best incremental games become the games with the potential to exhibit a major role especially for those with time limitations [ who can spare just some minutes for a game daily].

Games based on the time clickers have shot to immense popularity over the years and you have online marketplaces like Steam having idle games, clicker games, and incremental games.

All this experience becomes flabbergasting and there is absolutely no doubt about this fact. If you have the clicker games playlist on the PC, you can play the games as per your choice.

Below are some wonderful incremental games that you should go for and you will have an exceptional gaming experience that consumes just a few minutes.

The best thing is that many of such PC games are offered to you free of cost. You are free to select the game that suits your wish. Some of the games on the list are:

1. Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist

If you go for the Adventure Capitalist, you are cast as an entrepreneur with a bent for new projects and ventures. You can make it big in the investment clicker game. With this game, you may commence as a lemonade stand but are going to move high in terms of business right from making the pizzas or even commencing a bank.

Each business you invest in gives you a good profit and secondly, you are also moving ahead as far as the speed of growth is concerned.

The best part of this is that attention is not distracted because of the operation of multiple businesses at the same time. For the automation of each business, you can hire managers. This is one of the finest ways to keep the money rolling.

The best part of it is that each separate business operates at ease and you can expand the ventures without any kind of hassle. This is a fine way to capture the essence of clicker games.

Adventure Capitalist is classified in the list of idle games because you are going to generate profit even when you are not playing the game.

You can take the major vital information from the adventure capitalist online or go through the Adventure Capitalist Guide to know the game better.

2. Crusaders of the Lost Idols

Crusaders of the Lost Idols

Crusaders of the Lost Idols is among the best incremental games and in this game, you are at the helm of a fantasy hero group as they counter different monsters.

When you put the enemies to shambles and terminate them, you get the gold and you get the gold and you can spend this on the new fighters.

As you opt to play, you get the adventure capitalist support code and each character carries peculiar abilities and these can be bought for gold. Before you go for the play, it will be in your favor if you follow the Crusaders of the Lost Idols tips.

As you move further during the play, the small army of yours will expand and will demolish as per the capability. Focus on the formation is important as you play and it is important to rearrange the party for maximization of the gold flow.

Know that certain characters can prove lethal if you put these adjacent to particular classes from the back row. if you want to play the clicking games with a particular tactical bent in mind, then this game is a very good choice.

3. Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder is among the fine idle games and with this, you have the choice to play the king of a fantasy kingdom of a small territory. Before you commence this game, it is better if you look at the Realm Grinder challenges.

The best thing about this game is that with a simple click, you can earn coins and these are beneficial for automatic income generation after usage for multiple purposes. Inns and Blacksmiths gather coins even during your offline mode.

No doubt, it is among the classic idle games and clicker games, and with this, you have the option to choose good and bad for the kingdom.

You will easily understand this with Realm Grinder Artifacts. Depending on whether you choose good or evil, you have the option to ally with multiple fantasy races providing you accessibility to distinct buildings as well as upgrades.

You get locked in as per the choice although such idle clicker games offer you a lot of variety.

Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is a fine idle game but it is advisable to focus on the Cookie Clicker strategy before you start. You can commence by a click on a big cookie and this is immensely beneficial because you are earning one cookie per click.

When you bake more cookies, you can buy the new cursors to click for you. No doubt, this is among the best incremental games. For the enhancement of the efficiency of your clicks, you can hire to make cookies or plant the cookie seeds.

For enhancement, you go through the cookie clicker upgrades and as you enhance through cookies, you can commence the game again and focus on new upgrades to earn cookies in bulk. You also have the barter option with Cookie Dragon.

You also have the option of seasonal events providing you a temporary chance to increase cookie count. With this clicker game, you also have the choice of restaurant management games.

5. Doge Miner

Doge Miner

Doge Miner is a free online game and is classified in the list of idle clicker games. You have the option to play this one on a tablet, PC, or mobile.

There is also a sequel available for such a clicker game. The sequel Doge Miner 2 is based on the fun mechanisms but the gameplay is based on the initial title. there are also added features with this sequel. Dogebags have different items like improved pickaxes as well as bronze doge coins.

Apart from mining the coins yourself, you can hire the kitten army to do the bidding for the improvement of the generation rate.

6. Enchanted Heroes

Enchanted Heroes

Enchanted Heroes is among the idle clicker games and with this one, you can start as a lone warrior. When you click the monster, it will do single damage but with the recruitment of allies, there will be mass damage.

The felled monsters will drop down the coins and this levels up individual party members. Each character has immense abilities and these can be bought with time making them extra powerful. This is among the best incremental games and the best thing is watching the extent of the damage.

The best thing about such idle games is that you have ample choice available because you have the multi-character abilities that you can unlock at any point in time.

You do not have the wrong choices with this one because whatever you do is a contribution to the damage.

7. Grow Defense

Grow Defense

Grow Defense is an exclusive tower defense game and is among the best incremental games as well as clicker games. It is accompanied by super stylish 3D graphics and comprises cartoonish images.

In order to defend the castle, you need to click. You do not need to click anywhere. You can click straight to the enemy for launching projectiles against the foe.

You play multiple rounds of the game to win against enemies in certain numbers. Eventually, you upgrade to a fortress that is bigger and fight against the stronger enemies. It is nice for guys with an inclination towards clicker games based on the real-time strategy.

8. Time Clickers

Time Clickers

You can go through the instructions of time clickers trainers before proceeding with such clicker games. Time Clickers is described as an incremental version of a shooter. In this game, you are going to demolish cubes that drop currency and with the same money, you buy new guns that fire for you automatically.

For increasing the output of damage, you have the choice to upgrade each gun and you also have the choice to buy the added abilities. This is a multi-stage game and is divided into stages called arenas.

At the end of each stage, you have a boss and these bosses act as a progress check for players. Upon failure, they boot you back to some stages so that you may grind for gun upgrades. This game will set a new twist for clicker games in the near future.

9. Forager


Foragers can not be classified completely in the list of clicker games. In this game, you need a higher active input as you engage in the combat.

You have the availability of various types of such games like forager puzzles, Forager skill tree, Forager yogurt, and much more. As you move towards the end game, you will find a shift in pace, and more and more systems become automated.

This permits you to relax. This is among the best incremental games for extra action and among fine clicking games.

10. Plantera


Plantera is among the fine clicker games and the process of this game is quite simple. You simply need to trap the butterfly in the net and get the benefit of one coin.

You can accumulate the coins for planting a small carrot patch. You gather parrots to earn money and then plant the blueberry bush. To play the game in a proper manner, it is advisable to consult the Pantera guide. You can sell carrots and blueberries and further plant the apple tree.

Soon, you have a wonderful garden. As you go ahead, you will get fine crops. This is among the best incremental games.


Clicker games are in the category of best incremental games. You have multiple varieties of such clicking games available in the online market and you can play the game as per your choice.

It is good for you especially if you want to spare just a few minutes for a particular game.

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