Top 4 DPI Tester Websites 2023

Want to check the DPI of your mouse, you are at the right place. We have created the list of 4 best DPI tester tools of 2023. Which helps you to analyze your mouse DPI on your browser without installing any third party software.

Usually, mouse sensitivity can be measured in terms of DPI (dots per second), but the manufacturers prefer to call it CPI (Counts Per Inch). DPI plays an important role in mouse performance.

If you are a gamer, you will mostly prefer a high-DPI mouse for quick and easy movements. A higher DPI will provide higher sensitivity. If you are a normal user or a graphic designer, you want low sensitivity with low DPI.

What is DPI and Why is it Important?

DPI means Dots Per Second, is a unit of measurement used to estimate a computer mouse’s sensitivity. Manufacturers also use the abbreviation “Counts Per Inch” (CPI). The 1600 DPI is the industry standard for a mouse.

The larger the DPI value, and vice versa, the greater the sensitivity of the mouse. The amount of screen space covered increases with the DPI number. This indicates a relationship between the DPI value and the sensitivity of the computer mouse.

The importance of DPI depends on the mode of work you are doing with your mouse. For games like Click Test, player always prefers a high-DPI mouse for quick movements. But a graphic designer, a video editor, or a normal user prefers a low-sensitivity mouse for the perfection and accuracy of their work.

Here we are discussing the free online DPI analyzer tools, which are providing competitively better services.

Top 4 DPI Tester Websites to Analyze Mouse Sensitivity

1. Mouse DPI Calculator 

DPI Checker

This online tool is very helpful for the easy calculation of mouse DPI. You can simply enter the current DPI and sensitivity of your mouse into the calculator. Then input the new DPI value that you want.

Then you will see the upgraded sensitivity with a higher DPI value. This website is simply right for you. This tool provides accurate calculations. So you can perfectly experience the high DPI.

2. DPI Analyzer

DPI Analyzer

The DPI Analyzer is another DPI tester tool. This tool is also very valuable for calculating mouse DPI. This tool computes your mouse’s true DPI and sensitivity.

 The DPI Analyzer uses a smart and unique technique to do this.

To begin, input the DPI and target distance values that you require. It plots a goal point on a scale based on your input parameters.

The default value is indicated by a red crosshair on a scale. To catch the mouse movement, you must continuously move the red crosshair. 

Finally, DPI Analyzer will reveal several values, such as goal counts, real counts, and your mouse’s actual DPI number. 

The DPI Analyzer website is exceptionally easy to use. With greater DPI, you can experience more accurate sensitivity calculations. You can check the sensitivity of your mouse without changing the DPI settings.

For example, if you open a website, on the home screen you will see a table. Select an inch as a unit and put 1 as the target distance. Then, on the downside of the table, there is a scale with a target. Click and move the target 1 inch forward, so it will automatically calculate your mouse DPI. 

3. Mouse Sensitivity Calculator

Mouse DPI Testi

The mouse sensitivity calculator is the best website among the four. With this tool, you will get a precise conversion of DPI and mouse sensitivity. This tool is mainly used to assess the sensitivity of games.

It offers a PC games sensitivity database that contains a variety of new and old titles. If you have a specific DPI option in a game that appears regular to you, you can use this tool to identify the settings to achieve a comparable level of sensitivity in other games.

This DPI calculator is very useful in terms of accuracy and is very user-friendly. Due to this, anyone can use this tool to calculate the DPI of their mouse. You can use this tool to check the DPI specifically for a game.

This calculator allows you to convert mouse sensitivity between games. Simply select your games and set your sensitivity.

When you enter your mouse DPI, it also displays how many centimeters (or inches) of mouse movement it takes to complete a 360° rotation in the game. This is a more accurate method of comparing your sensitivity settings to those of others.

For example, if a gamer is always playing Counter-Strike but wants to play Fortnite, he needs a different mouse sensitivity.

The same mouse sensitivity will not work perfectly for both games. So he can use this tool to change mouse sensitivity for different games.

4. Mouse Sensitivity

Online DPI Checker

Mouse sensitivity is another online tool that helps find mouse sensitivity. It is a basic tool that includes input options for the current DPI of your mouse, Windows multiplier, in-game sensitivity, and m_yaw input.

Some users use multiple screens on the PC, so the Windows multiplier input is only for them. So you can enter the number of displays that you are using and the sensitivity of the mouse and game that you have.

Then you will get the values of the Windows sensitivity multiplier and the DPI of your mouse.

How to Improve Your Gaming Experience

1. Adjust Your DPI

The first thing you need to do is adjust your mouse sensitivity according to your game. The type of game you are playing is an important factor when you set the mouse DPI.

Gamers benefit most from changing the DPI of the mouse since it makes it easier for them to establish goals in the game and gives them better control over it.

In the game, DPI adjustment can provide precise shots; movements are possible; and you must have quick reflexes and actions.

This feature will be best suited for software that requires pointer movement across the screen and will provide excellent movement in the visual design and headshots in the game.

2. Use a Gaming Mouse

You can prefer a gaming mouse to improve your gaming experience. These mice frequently have advantages like ergonomic shapes, high DPI (Dots Per Inch) sensitivity, and programmable buttons that are meant to make them more pleasant and precise to operate.

Although it might not make your aim better, having a mouse with these characteristics is a vastly superior experience to using a normal office mouse. You can improve your aim with the help of a gaming mouse.

A higher DPI sensitivity permits the cursor to be highly sensitive to movement, making precise movements and aiming easier. If you’re going to play an FPS or a MOBA, the first item you’ll need is a mouse with a DPI that you can adjust.

3. Practice

Practice makes perfect in everything. Same here also if you have a mouse with a high DPI and it is a gaming mouse, but if you don’t have any practice, there is no use with that mouse. It can’t improve your gaming experience.

So do regular practice till you become a master on the high-DPI gaming mouse. It will definitely improve the gaming experience through precious movements and good aiming.

4. Use a Mousepad

A good mousepad can provide your mouse with a smoother surface to glide across, enabling you to make more accurate motions and improving your game performance.

A good gaming mousepad can also aid in lessening wrist fatigue during prolonged gaming sessions. On the market, there are many different mousepads.

The main thing is that you should choose the right mouse pad according to your comfort level. You will have many choices in terms of the material, shape, size, color, and design.

The table space, your practice, and the mode of action with your mouse are the factors you should keep in mind while you choose a mouse pad according to your comfort.

5. Take Breaks

Taking a break and stretching while you are gaming for a long time will definitely improve your gaming strength and provide healthy play. Otherwise, it will hurt you physically and mentally.

Taking breaks and stretching can help you relax, recharge, and avoid injuries. To do this, adopt the 20-20-20 rule: every twenty minutes, glance away from the screen for 20 seconds and focus on something 20 feet away.

In order to be reminded to take breaks every hour, you can also set a timer or utilize an app. Not only this, stand up and go around, have some water, or do some small exercises.

Make sure to stretch your neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, fingers, back, legs, and feet. Massage your eyes, temples, and forehead to ease eye strain and headaches.


What Is The Average DPI For A Gaming Mouse?

Depending on the game’s genre, the player’s preferences, and even the monitor’s resolution, the appropriate DPI level can change. But generally, a DPI level of 400 to 3600 can accommodate almost all gamers.

Can I Test My Mouse’s DPI Without Using A Website?

Yes, for that.:

  • Look for the Automatic Game Detection option on your home screen.
  • To enable the option, tap the On button and then click the pointer-gear icon to open a new window.
  • You should now be able to view your current DPI and you should see a variety of settings depending on your model.

Note: Provide reference for this information where you took it from.

Can I Adjust My Mouse’s DPI On My Computer?

You can adjust the mouse DPI with the computer. But first, check for the mouse fly button on your mouse to adjust DPI; if it is not there, 

  • launch Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.
  • Select your mouse and then choose Basic Settings.
  • locate Sensitivity, and make your adjustments.

Do I Need A Gaming Mouse To Improve My Gaming Experience?

Gaming mice can provide a great gaming experience through increased speed, reduced response time, and overall performance.

Although a conventional mouse is excellent for computer use, you might not find it to be as accurate for your gaming needs.

The sensors may not be precise, and they frequently lack settings or programmable buttons. So for a gamer, it is better to go with a gaming mouse.


The sensitivity parameter that determines how sensitive your aim is to your hand movement may be found in the majority of computer games with mouse aiming. To avoid having to retrain your aim for every new game, you should desire the same sensitivity for all games if you want your aim to be constant.

As I discussed in this article, the DPI of your mouse plays an important role in your PC’s performance. Higher DPI can provide high sensitivity and quick movements for your mouse pointer. It will be an advantage to those who have better practice.

I hope this content will help you find the top DPI tester website and guide you to use it in an easy and understandable way.

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