Mouse Grip Comprehensive Guide

Do you have the perfect mouse to play fast-forwarding games? Maybe yes, right? But a simple question: Do you know how to hold the mouse properly?

If you’re a gamer, the proper holding of your mouse will help you perform at your best. For that, you should be aware of the mouse grip styles.

The different grips, which are designed to improve performance in particular game genres, each have advantages and disadvantages of their own.

This article will give you detailed information regarding all three types of mouse grips and how you can find the appropriate mouse grip type for your personal mouse.

Types Of Mouse Grip Style

There is no single mouse that is suitable for all types of mouse grips. There are three kinds of mouse grips.

  1. Claw Grip
  2. Fingertip Grip
  3. Palm Grip

Claw Grip 

Claw grip is one of the three types of grip, and it can assure you of fast clicking movements and rapid clicks.

This grip type is a combination of palm grip and fingertip grip. So that it can provide the maximum outcome for the best clicking experience.

To perform a claw grip perfectly, you need to place your palm on the mouse, and your fingers must be in a curled position.

The claw grip gives the mouse much greater grip and pressure for precise tracking motions while simultaneously making the mouse fingers much more flexible.

Most claw grippers prefer to use an ambidextrous mouse with few or no edges. A rounded back is also prevalent since it makes it easier for the user to hold.

Gamers, especially those who play FPS and eSports games, are very fond of this grip technique.

Endgame Gear XM2we, Endgame Gear XM1r, Cooler Master MM720 are some of the best mouse which are perfect for claw grip.


  • Better stability. 
  • Greater flexibility, efficient movements, and superior wrist control.
  • Better for higher DPI.


  • High wrist movement may cause wrist pain during long-term performance.
  • Low accuracy while fast clicking.
  • Wrist control is mandatory.

Fingertip Grip

Another mouse grip type is the Fingertip grip. Here, your mouse movements completely depend on your fingers.

Users with large hands (particularly long fingers) often choose a fingertip grip, which results in low hand stress.

Mice with fingertip grips are similar to mice with claw grips in nature. Usually ambidextrous, they have a rounded rear.

Mouse that can be held in the fingertip grip are often lightweight (less than 90g), simplifying movement in all directions.

Fingertip grip can provide precise movements with better speed and a high DPI mouse.

Aria XD7, G-Wolves HSK Plus, Razer Viper Mini are some of the best mouses that can use with fingertip grip.


  • Easy to position with the help of the wrist.
  • better for quick movements.
  • It is easy to aim at the target without moving the wrist.


  • A lot of practice is mandatory for being a master.
  • Not very accurate because of high-speed movements.
  • More control is needed for the fingers.

Palm Grip

The most common grip is the palm grip. The hand is cupped, and the fingers and palm are in loose contact with the mouse to hold it perfectly.

This type of grip enables smooth mouse handling, which is ideal for tracking and low-sensitivity gaming. However, it is less suitable for quick clicking as well as rapid micro-adjustments.

The palm grip utilizes the mouse as an extension of the forearms, assisting with stability and movement control.

Full-sized mice are suitable for a Palm grip. Mice that are held in the palm usually have a steep arch originating from the back and are identified as being wider or longer. As a result, the hand is supported by a comfortable structure.

Logitech G Pro Wireless is best for over all, G-Wolves Skoll best for large hands, XTRFY M4 Best for ergonomic mouse are the mouse, we an use palm grip.


  • Requires very little tension.
  • Suitable for tracking.
  • Manageable with relaxed control.
  • Suitable for low DPI.


  • Arms and shoulders are more involved in movements.
  • Not suitable for quick clicking as well as rapid micro-adjustments.

How To Know Your Gaming Mouse Grip?

There are many types of mice available with and without wire. The mouse grip that is suitable for you depends on the model, shape, and size of the mouse, as well as your palm size. Below are factors and criteria that can guide you to achieving a better or more advanced grip.

Holding The Mouse

Elevated (hand off the mouse pad) and anchored (back of hand on the mouse pad).

Hand Angle 

You can use two different hand angles: straight and angled. Keep your fingers straight on top of the mouse for the straight position, and for angled positions, place your fingers diagonally on top of the mouse. In both cases, primarily utilize your thumb and index fingers.

Palm position

Hybrid Palm: Only a small part of the palm touches the mouse.

Palm: There is a lot of palm on the mouse in this position.

Finger Positioning

  • The typical way to position your fingers on the mouse is called a palm grip.
  • A relaxed fingertip grip involves slightly arching the fingers on the mouse.
  • Claws refer to the grip where the fingers are fully arched.

Fingertip Positioning

Overhanging Tip: fingertips hanging down the front side over the mouse button

Front Tip: Fingertips exactly in the front position on the buttons.

Wheel Tip: Fingertips are placed along the wheel of the mouse.

Behind Wheel Tip: finger tips placed behind the wheels of the mouse 

Finger Separation 

Separated Type: Fingers placed separately.

Together Type: Fingers placed together.

131 Type: Three fingers on top for the main button and one on each side for the side grip.

122 Type: Two fingers on top for main buttons, two and one on each side, respectively, for side grip.

What Mouse Grip Do Pros Use?

 1.Shroud (CSGO)

One of the top players in CS:GO and competitive FPS games, Shroud, is famous for his accuracy and versatility. Shroud utilizes a claw grip since it is the most comfortable method for him.

Currently, Shroud plays CS:GO with an in-game sensitivity of 2.40, and he uses a Logitech G Pro X Superlight mouse with 450 DPI.

2.Simple (CSGO)

Simple is a CSGO player who is well-known for being a top wrist attacker. He is skilled with both AWP and Sniper.

Before, he was using a palm grip. But now a claw grip is preferred for playing with a Zowie mouse at a low 400 DPI. But he uses 1200 DPI for high in-game sensitivity over 3.0.

3.Pine (Overwatch)

Pine, a retired Korean player, excelled as a professional Overwatch player, specializing in hit-scan roles and consistently favoring DPS characters.

He always prefers palm grips with high sensitivity and wrist flicks. He uses a SteelSeries mouse with 500 DPI. The in-game sensitivity will be 15.0.

4.Carpe (Overwatch)

As a DPS Hitscan player, Pine leans towards using a claw grip. Pine opts for the Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse with 900 DPI and sets his in-game sensitivity to 3.12.

When playing Overwatch. Additionally, he utilizes a Logitech G903 gaming mouse with a claw grip.

5.FaZe Niko (CSGO)

Nikko is one of the best CSGO players among the ranked top 3 players in both 2018 and 2019. He is best at aiming with his arms rather than his wrists.

Niko uses 400 DPI tracking with an in-game sensitivity of 1.4, and the effective DPI will be 600.

6.Sinatraa (Overwatch/Valorant)

Sinatraa is famous in Overwatch and valorant player these days. He uses multiple grips according to comfort.

Sinatraa uses a Logitech G Pro W wireless mouse with 800 DPI and multiple sensitivity settings ranging from 7 for soldiers to 15 for doomfists.

7.ScreaM (CSGO / Valorant)

ScreaM is a Belgian gamer. His incredible aim made him famous. He uses a mouse with 400 DPI and an in-game sensitivity of 2.5.

He prefers a fingertip grip for the classic Ergo gaming mouse with 1000 DPI for his incredible aiming.


Is Claw Grip Better Than Palm Grip?

Actually, the features of a claw grip are a combination of palm and fingertip grip features. It is excellent for flick shots and is utilized to glide more quickly. However, it is poorer for smooth and slow tracking than a palm grip when it comes to speed. 

What Are The Different Types Of Mouse Grips?

There are three basic varieties of mouse grips: claw, palm, and fingertip, and each has benefits and negatives based on the situation and personal choice.

Which Grip Is Best For FPS?

FPS games tend to work best with a palm grip. You can use your arms and elbows to aim perfectly with the support of a palm grip. No need to use the wrist. This will provide you with more controlled movements and better tracking.


From the above discussion, it is clear that the palm, claw, and fingertip grips are similar in appearance, but their technique and application are fundamentally different.

The size of your hand and the shape and design of your mouse are factors that influence the grip type that we can use for better holding.

The comfortable and better holding of your mouse will reflect the outcome of gameplay and other design purposes.

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