Cookie Clicker

What is Cookie Clicker?

Cookie Clicker is a popular clicking game played by people of every age group across the globe. It is a simple yet very captivating game.

The user has to click on the big cookie that appears on the screen, and they earn a single cookie for every click.

Players would then be able to spend the cookies on buying resources, for example, ‘cursors’, which will produce cookies automatically.

Updates can enhance the effectiveness of the clicks, and different mechanics leads to numerous ways that allow the player to earn cookies.

A player can unlock hundreds of accomplishments after reaching the set milestones and is a never-ending game. Cookie Clicker game was last updated in September 2019.

How to Play Cookie Clicker?

The android users can enjoy this game in their phones as the Cookie Clicker app is available in play store.

The game is also available online on various websites like ‘’, ‘‘.

So, those who do not have an android phone can search for Cookie Clicker on the web, and they will find numerous websites where they can play the game.

The game is easy to play but following the right strategy during the game is very important.

A planned approach helps you to reach the milestones quickly and easily. Here are a couple of tips for the individuals who are playing the game or are planning to play the game. Also, you can use a cps test to improve your cookie clicker score.

How to Play Cookie Clicker

Purchase as much Grandmas as possible

Bake ample cookies during the initial stages of the game, to purchase a sufficient number of grandmas.

Grandma gets a lot of updates all through the numerous cycles of the game. Therefore, they are an ideal approach to expand your cookie multiplier. 

Keep Away from Buying Farms

Purchasing a cookie farm may look appealing in the beginning; however, it will change as you will proceed towards the mid-game.

Farms are not of any use as you progress in the game, to where you’ll need to abstain from squandering assets.

Aim Towards Earning Shipments 

Cookie shipments give a serious significant lift to starting players, so try to get the cookie shipments as fast and as early as possible.

Aim for Buying Cursors

You ought to in the end purchase loads of cursors when you can get them in bulk. You need around 200 cursors to pass your first prestige; however, they become super valuable later in the game. They get various updates that improve their handiness close to the end of the game.

Buy All the Possible Updates

Immediately purchase an update that becomes accessible. They might not appear to be useful in the beginning, but each and every update will help you to get through the first level of rising.

Update your Prestige

The players can rise to an advanced level once they accomplish the set target. Rising to a more elevated level restarts your cookies and different updates though the player will even now clutch to their achievements—the cookie income increments with advancing to a higher level. Updating your prestige is helpful over the long haul.

What are the Benefits of Playing Cookie Clicker?

One can escalate their clicking pace by playing cookie clicker. It can help them in winning various clicker games and click speed test. You can attack your opponents before with faster click speed. It also increases your possibilities of winning a combo.

Numerous clicking games are available these days for which you can train with the help of a cookie clicker. 


Cookie Clicker is an increment game. Individuals get obsessive to this game as it never ends and gives the players the chance to accomplish a great deal by merely tapping on the screen.

An individual continues to play this game as they need to comprehend what will come next. The game is effortless, however extremely intriguing.

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