How To Improve Reaction Time For Gaming – Fastest 11 Ways

We all play games such as CSGO, CODM, PUBG, etc. We stand as the last player on our team most of the time, and team members are counting on you to win the round, at this time only your best reaction time can help you quickly beat the opponent and win.

But unluckily, you lose. It’s not about you don’t know how to play the game, or you are a terrible gamer, but the main reason behind this is what is called reaction time.

What is Reaction Time?

what is reaction time

The reaction time pertains to the time between a stimulus and its response. Gamers are required to react quickly and precisely to on-screen situations in gaming, as it is a fast-paced, situational activity.

Your reaction times are almost always a crucial factor in your success when playing video games, whether single-player or online. The average gamer has an average reaction time, but professional players have a quicker one. 

The Reaction Time Depends on The Following Factors

  • Age: The gradual loss of neurons slows your reaction time as you age, especially if you are faced with more complex tasks.

  • Hydration: Maintaining hydration while gaming is just as important as winning. Keep a glass or bottle nearby so you can drink quickly between rounds.

  • Physicals and Mental Health: We can perform mentally well in games primarily based on our physiological health. A good diet and regular exercise can boost your performance in-game by enhancing your awareness and reaction time. 

  • Stimuli: A reaction time (RT) measures how quickly an organism reacts to a stimulus. In the case of voluntary responses, the RT is defined as the interval between when a subject is presented with a trigger and when it responds appropriately.

How To Improve Reaction Time For Gaming

Here are several ways which can be considered how to improve your reaction time for gaming:

1. Warm-up

warm up

A warm body reacts more quickly. A temperature increase causes atoms in molecules to move more rapidly, and this results in faster cell movements once you receive a sensory input into a nerve cell until your body responds to it.

Consider playing in a warm environment, wearing gloves that still allow you to handle your controller or keyboard with agility, placing a heater near your hands, or simply keeping a cup of coffee or tea nearby for whenever your hands cool down.

2. Exercise and stay healthy

exercise and stay healthy

As mentioned earlier also, keeping yourself physically fit also helps you to be mentally fit. There is no particular exercise for reaction time.

Therefore, exercise daily, like running on a terrain, could be a good choice that will help you keep your body warm as well as physically and mentally fit, subsequently increasing your reaction time.

3. Use High end accessories

use high end accessories

As you sharpen your reactions and reflexes, you need gaming gear that can support your heightened senses.

There should be no lag higher than 20 milliseconds between your monitors and TVs — anything higher means you may always be behind the game.

They should also have an optimal refresh rate of 144Hz. Speed of sound fps also does matter in this case to have a better experience.

4. Practice with Experts

practice with experts

Practicing is key to success in any field. So make sure you practice as much as possible, especially with experts, who can help you out find your mistakes and help to rectify them.

Practicing with them would also give you different strategies to play and enhance your skills.

5. Stay Hydrated

stay hydrated

Maintaining your brain’s hydration is tricky because it isn’t always obvious when you have reached a critical point. The brain might already be a little sluggish by the time you feel the desire to drink water.

Stay hydrated throughout the day to avoid these issues and keep your brain in peak condition. Always keep a bottle near you.

It is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water every day, according to many experts.

6. Meditation for mind calmness


Meditation and reaction speed are closely linked. Research has shown that you are more likely to react to sudden stimuli if you can calm your mind. When you examine how meditation is performed, it begins to make more sense.

The key to meditating is to remain calm and to be aware of the body. Practitioners spend a lot of time paying attention to their breathing and becoming more aware of what their bodies do.

It’s more about learning how to stay calm and focused no matter what is going on around you.

7. Stay Focused and Concentrated with Quality Sleep

Sleeping at least eight hours a day is necessary to stay healthy. Many people find it difficult due to their busy schedules.

In a waking state, your brain works as your temporary hard drive. Short-term memory contains all the information you need for the day.

You store all of that information in your long-term memory when you turn in for the night and go to bed. Just by getting a good night’s sleep, you can dramatically improve your reaction time.

When you wake up feeling refreshed, you’d be surprised at how fast your reaction time can be.

8. Get rid of distractions

get rid of distraction

Many professional video gamers game in dimly lit rooms using professional headphones. Even when there are people present, the room is often relatively silent.

An amateur or a person not involved in gaming may find this strange. It helps the gamer to react more quickly due to the tranquil environment.

As such, you should remove distractions from your gaming environment to improve your reaction time. Consequently, practice alone, if possible, becomes better, then join a multiplayer gaming session once your response is much faster.

9. Have a healthy diet

healthy diet

A healthy diet and the introduction of several nutrients can help you nourish your brain for a long time. Antioxidants have been proven to be beneficial for the brain.

There is evidence that polyphenols can protect the brain from stress. Together, antioxidants are able to combat the signs of aging. This includes mental decline. The nutrient destroys free radicals, and cell oxidation is prevented.

Adding vitamin K to your diet is another good idea. Vitamin-rich foods like broccoli, kale, and spinach have been shown to improve overall brain function.

10. Train for specific signals

train specific senses

Doing cognitive training exercises is one of the best ways to improve your reaction time. This type of exercise targets your brain rather than other muscles.

The concept of cognitive training has made waves in the sporting world in recent years. Cognitive training is a part of the workout regime of some of the world’s top athletes. Specific types of games can help you hone skills such as hand-eye coordination, strategy, and precision under pressure.

Especially when you have to work together with other players, tactical first-person shooters offer a fast and engaging pace.

You can warm up your reflexes just as effectively by playing shoot them up games. There are also games that combine skill and distractions, like battle royale.

11. Take breaks too

take breaks

Spend some time outside. Go for a walk. Try stretching. Your reaction time will increase when your mind and eyes are fresh.

Establish strict limits if you tend to play for long periods of time. When you have spent five hours on the computer, leave for an equal amount of time.

Working or playing in front of computers for a longer duration may also affect your eyes, so make sure to take breaks at regular intervals.

Types of reaction

There are many types of reactions, such as physical, mental, reflexes, etc. But the most important which can be considered while gaming is your reflexes.

Though others too play an important role, if you want to increase your reaction timing and move your skills to the next level, you need to work on the reflexes and how fast you react to them. 

Human reaction time can be improved with the help of taking reaction time tests, reaction speed tests, and cognitive training.

  • Physical RT is a bodily response to stimuli. Example: Shooting in a game with a mouse quickly after the enemy arrived surprisingly. Here, The act of shooting is Physical RT.

  • Mental RT is all about how quickly you sense the stimuli and process them in your mind for further physical action. In the above example, realizing enemy arrival is a Mental RT. The quickly you grasp, the faster you will process, resulting in shooting the enemy before he shoots you.

  • Reaction time depends on reflexes are instant. They are not processed in brains and it does not involve thinking. Reflexes are automatic. Example: Take your hand away from the glass of hot water instantly after you touch it. It ensures you are safe from danger. Such instant behaviors take place in the spinal cord. 

Why does reaction time matter?

Being able to respond quickly and efficiently to stimuli and situations like driving, conversing, or playing sports requires good reaction time.

It is beneficial in a variety of ways to have a good response time, but we also need to process the information correctly. You can take a reaction test to know your reaction time and work on it accordingly.

It would help to know you what is your actual reaction time and would give you an idea of how to play speed as you start analyzing your loopholes.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re an athlete or not, improving your reaction time will be beneficial to you. It has a number of benefits that cannot be overlooked as part of your daily life.

Gaming doesn’t just test your willpower; it also tests your reflexes. In order for muscle memory to kick in after practicing for so many hours, your body needs to remain strong and agile.

Having healthy rules about nutrition and computer use and handy chairs and gloves plays an important role. In the fast-paced world of gaming and its continuously evolving platforms, all of this helps improve reaction times.

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