How to become a pro at drag clicking?

What is Drag Clicking?

Drag clicking is a technique to increase the mouse CPS (clicks per second). It can be used in games that demand high CPS like Minecraft, shooting games, etc.

A speed of more than 30 CPS is achieved by drag clicking. On the contrary, without drag clicking, a rate of only 6-8 CPS can be obtained by the traditional clicking of the mouse.

A stepwise breakout of drag clicking to become a pro in such clicking games is as follows.

Steps To becoming a pro at drag clicking

  1. Clean the mouse surface and rinse your hands. Make sure the mouse surface and your fingers are dry and not sweaty.
  2. Place your index or middle finger on the mouse. Click and grab the mouse at the sides using the thumb and little finger.
  3. Apply pressure at the bottom end of the mouse. Click using finger and glide it towards the top end using index/middle finger.
  4. This movement of applying pressure and gliding it through the mouse click is dragging. While dragging, you hear a continuous clicking sound. It is drag clicking.
  5. Repeat the dragging movement gained from the bottom of the mouse click towards the top.

Pros of Drag Clicking?

There are ample benefits of drag clicking. They are as follows:

  • The prime importance of it is to increase the rate of clicking. That is, to improve the CPS speed.
  • By drag clicking, you excel in the games demanding high CPS. For example, in a shooting PvP game, you destroy your enemy before it kills you.
  • You become a pro player in the clicking game and eventually may see yourself in the top performers’ list of the game.
  • By continuous drag clicking, your hands and fingers get strengthened as well.
  • You get a muscle memory by practicing for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.

Are there any cons to drag clicking?

Just as there are pros to a technique, there are cons to the same. Before learning a trick, you must know both sides of it. Later, compare it by measuring the overpowering nature of pros or cons. If the pros outweigh the cons, then it is the best technique.

The cons to drag clicking are as follows:

  • Some gaming sites consider this technique a form of cheating. Hence, the gaming servers check for rapid clicking and may ban you from playing the game if caught.
  • It may damage your mouse because of the continuous application of pressure.
  • It may reduce the life of your mouse or its switches.
  • Your fingers might suffer cramps from continuous clicking.

Drag Clicking Techniques and Directions for Improved Performance

For becoming a pro at drag clicking, you need to understand the mechanism behind it. Once you know its works, you will devise tips automatically to improve drag clicking.

Friction plays the most crucial role in drag clicking. The drag and click movement get possible due to friction.

When you start to apply pressure on the mouse switch and start gliding over it, a counteracting force runs below the surface. This opposite force is friction. It acts in an upward direction, thereby producing the clicking effect.

The more the friction and dragging action, the smoother the drag clicking.

Hence, to improve your drag clicking, focus on increasing the friction between the mouse surfaces. Some of the pro tips to improve your performance in clicking are as follows:

  • Use textured tape on the mouse switch or use it on your fingers to generate more friction.
  • Make sure that the mouse surface and your fingers are dry. And they don’t get wet by sweat.
  • Use gaming mice for drag clicking. Gaming mice have textured surfaces, sturdy switches, and the best sensors specifically designed for gaming.
  • Hold the mouse in position by using a firm grip on the sides while clicking.
  • Click and glide on the middle surface of the mouse switch and not along the edges for a smooth, unrestricted clicking.

How does this technique help play Minecraft and other games?

drag clicking in minecraft

Games like Minecraft demand high clicking speed. And getting a high CPS without clicking is nearly impossible. Hence, it helps in getting pro in Minecraft. In Minecraft, the aim is to construct, build, and move ahead by running and creating bridges.

The technique of constructing the bridges faster to run fast in Minecraft is required. This technique is called speed bridging. Speed bridging is a fast-clicking technique.

For speed bridging, higher CPS is a must. The technique helps to do speed bridging in Minecraft.

In games other than Minecraft, for example, shooting games like PUBG, Valorant, etc, high CPS is required for shooting at a faster speed. If we fail to shoot the enemy before it shoots us, we die. It is where drag clicking comes into play. It helps in these games by increasing your clicks per second.

How to drag click and aim with a bad mouse?

By a bad mouse, we mean to say a mouse that is not a gaming mouse. A gaming mouse will be called a good mouse for drag clicking. The steps for aiming and dragging clicking using a bad or normal mouse can be summarised as follows.

  1. Grab the mouse correctly according to your comfort.
  2. Press a finger over the bottom end of the mouse switch and hold the mouse in position by the sides using the thumb and little finger.
  3. Start pressing the mouse switch for clicking and simultaneously move the finger towards the top end of the switch of the mouse.
  4. While pressing and gliding, you will feel continuous clicks. If you don’t feel or hear such clicks, try to follow the steps carefully or replace your mouse.
  5. Repeat the steps and continue drag-clicking.

It was about drag clicking. For aiming with a bad mouse, make sure you create enough friction to hold the mouse in position.

You may not be able to aim if you don’t succeed to hold the mouse in position. To create friction, use a textured quality mouse pad.

A smoother mouse pad will not create much friction, and the mouse may slip. You can also use your thumb and the other finger of the left side to grip and hold the mouse in position.

Hence, to aim properly, use a textured mouse pad which creates more friction.

How to drag click on any mouse?

This clicking is nearly similar on every mouse. Whether it is a gaming mouse or a normal non-gaming one, the steps for the technique are the same.

Just follow the steps mentioned above. If the technique doesn’t work, watch out for the mouse settings on your computer. If the trick still doesn’t work after all the settings, you will have to replace your mouse and look for a gaming mouse.

Rest, the technique to drag click is the same for any mouse. Just make sure that friction is maintained enough.

How to control your drag clicking?

This technique can be controlled by holding the mouse firmly to the surface and using a textured mouse pad. Using a textured surface on the switch can help gain control over the drag click.

Use your thumb, palm, and little or ring finger to grab the mouse in position. Don’t let it move while clicking, otherwise, you may lose your aim.

While you drag click on the switch from backward to forwards, the mouse tends to move backward under your palm due to excess friction. This backward movement of the mouse shall be prevented by holding the mouse firmly in its position.

Another trick to gain control while this clicking is, gliding the finger over the middle of the switch and not across its edges. This way, you establish a firm position of your mouse and don’t lose a click.


To conclude, we have by far told you the steps of drag clicking, tips and tricks to improve it, benefits of drag clicking, and have answered your frequently asked questions. This article will prove to be very helpful for the gamers who want to become pros at clicking games.

Once you have learned this technique, you can test your CPS using a CPS tester tool. You can use this CPS testing tool to check your score and practice on it to improve your score.

Though this technique can be performed on any mouse, we suggest you go for a gaming mouse for a better experience and prevent any damage to your mouse. Happy drag clicking!

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is drag clicking?

By traditional clicking, you can merely have 6-7 clicks per second (CPS). But with the technique of drag clicking, you can click 30+ clicks within a second. This score is just for the beginner, you may even increase your clicking speed by practice.

Is drag clicking bad for your mouse?

Everything has a shelf life and a guarantee. After a certain period, things are bound to deteriorate, whether it is a normal toy or mouse. Things will get damaged after they have aged enough.

If things are in continuous use, they tend to age faster than the things which are not.

Similarly, clicking continuously at a higher speed will have a side effect on your mouse. Important mechanical components of mice tend to loosen and the mouse ages fast.

Until and unless the mouse is made up of some durable material, it affects your mouse by decreasing its lifespan.

Is drag clicking bad for your finger?

In the first place, this technique may make your fingers tired and painful. This is because of applying continuous pressure and simultaneously moving them across the surface of the mouse. Fingers may get cramped at the start as they don’t have a habit.

After continuous practice, fingers get strengthened and form muscle memory. The pain will subside automatically after regular practice.

Secondly, the correct size of a mouse and the ergonomic nature of the mouse plays a vital role too. If the mouse is too bigger for your hands, your fingers may get strained.

Hence, whenever you look for a mouse to drag a click, look if it is ergonomic and correctly finds in your hands.

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