How To Click Faster In Minecraft

Ever wonder how to click faster in minecraft? Yes! Then you are at the right place

It is critical to build and increase your clicking speed to succeed in Minecraft. This way, you can acquire a competitive advantage over other players. 

You can increase your clicking speed using a variety of strategies and approaches, from straightforward mouse modifications to specialist hardware solutions. 

Throughout this article, we are going to discuss different types of techniques that help improve clicking speed in Minecraft and some other important factors that influence clicking speed.

Play CPS Test Games

An online game called the Clicks Per Second (CPS) Test evaluates your speed at clicking. Playing CPS test games is a good way to practice and improve your clicking speed. These games challenge you to click rapidly and accurately within a set time limit.

You can use the click test website to practice clicking speed. You can use different durations, like 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, and 100 seconds, according to your needs.

Practice Clicking Methods

Another important factor is practicing different clicking methods. There are mainly three clicking methods:

Jitter Clicking 

Jitter clicking is one of the main clicking methods to achieve more CPS in Minecraft. When performing jitter clicking, you force your hands in such a way that they begin to vibrate. You use that vibration effect to hit the buttons more quickly. There’s no need to vibrate your fingers.

This method is a bit more complex compared to regular clicking. But it is a very fast-clicking method. You need good practice to be perfect at jitter-clicking. The average clicking speed is 6, but you can score up to 9 or 12 CPS.

Butterfly Clicking 

Butterfly clicking is another clicking method that helps improve the clicking speed in Minecraft. In this method, you use two fingers on the mouse button and click alternately. Make sure that you use your index and middle fingers to perform butterfly clicking. This will enhance your clicking speed.

Even if you are just clicking once while using this strategy, the butterfly clicking will count as two clicks. Through butterfly clicking, you can achieve up to 15 or 25 CPS.

Drag Clicking

Another method used by Minecraft players to enhance their click rates is by drag clicking. This approach entails dragging your finger across the mouse button while maintaining constant pressure, giving you an immediate series of in-game clicks.

Your middle and index fingers should be on top of the mouse as you hold it normally. Practice is the most important factor in performing well in Minecraft with drag clicking. Then you can easily score up to 30 CPS.

User High Quality Gaming Mouse

When you are playing Minecraft, always focus on a gaming mouse rather than a normal one or a laptop trackpad. Gaming mice are specially designed for high performance. You will get extra buttons on your gaming mouse that will release the stress on your other hand.

These extra buttons on your gaming mouse can increase clicking speed and accuracy. You can change the DPI in mouse settings, which will help detect small movements of the mouse.

Choose Proper Hand Positioning

Proper hand positioning can improve your click speed in Minecraft. By placing your palm securely on the mouse, you have more control and flexibility throughout gameplay.

You need to position your index and middle fingers to rest on the left and right buttons, respectively. This will effectively increase the speed of clicking. 

You should be careful because you need to hold your mouse properly. So you should not place your fingers far from the mouse.

Place Blocks Quickly Using a Double Click

If you want to place the blocks in Minecraft, you need to press the mouse button down. So it will take a long time to execute the task. 

If you click once and then click again before placing the block, then the first action will cancel and a new action will be taken to place the block.

It means you need to click twice consecutively to place a block quickly. This will help you save time in Minecraft games.

Keep The Mouse In The Center For Better Aim

Keeping the mouse cursor at the center point will help you click faster in Minecraft. This will increase the accuracy of the click.

If you place your mouse pointer in the center, it is very easy to move in any direction to aim for your target. Mouse movement is flexible and easy with this technique.

Factors Affect Mouse Clicking Speed 

There are some factors that can affect the clicking speed of the mouse very badly, and it reflects in the outcome of game play. 

Using The Laptop Trackpad 

Using a laptop trackpad is an important factor that affects mouse clicking speed. You should not use a laptop trackpad instead of a mouse. It is not that flexible to play the game. A gaming mouse’s higher responsiveness and accuracy will boost click speed and overall performance in Minecraft.

The design of the mouse can help reduce the strain on our hands and fingers as compared with the trackpad. If you use the trackpads for the duration of game play, it can affect your fingertips and damage your trackpad with sweat.

Not Having Proper Enough Practice

Proper practice is essential when we use different types of clicking methods like jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, and drag clicking. 

These clicking methods are quite comfortable to perform if you are a master of them. But to become a master, you need proper practice. Continuous practice can make your clicking speed faster.


How Do You Click Faster In Minecraft Without Jitter Clicking?

You can use the butterfly-clicking method. This is a more comfortable method. You use your left mouse button to click and hold down, and your right mouse button to ‘butterfly’ the mouse by tapping it alternately with both fingers. Butterfly clicking is faster than jitter clicking, but it is very tough to be perfect at it.

What Is The Best Clicking Method For Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the butterfly clicking technique is more advanced and faster than other clicking methods. Here, you can use your two fingers to click faster, and you can hold the mouse effectively.

Is Butterfly Clicking Harmful?

Yes, researchers believe that prolonged butterfly clicking may result in health issues. Prolonged butterfly clicking can lead to repetitive strain injuries (RSI) in your hands and wrists, along with the potential for carpal tunnel syndrome. Additionally, arthritis may develop due to friction between the fingers..


Now we are very clear that Fast clicking is such an important skill when we play Minecraft. Players are suffering because they are not able to perform fast clicks. 

We give a thorough idea of how to click faster in Minecraft and what you need to take care of to perform fast clicking. I hope the tips we discussed will help you execute fast clicks.

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