Best Minecraft Bukkit Plugin 2024

Are you looking for best minecraft bukkit plugin to install on your Minecraft server? Here you will be introduced to some of the top minecraft bukkit plugins in 2023.

These plugins can help enhance and customize your Minecraft gameplay experience without altering the core content of the game.

What Is Minecraft Bukkit Plugin?

A mod can make changes in certain aspects of the game play when running on a minecraft server. This is what we call a minecraft bukkit plugin. Adding a functionality  that is not even originally a part of the game is possible. Famous bukkit plugin allows people to create their own mini games  and role play situations. 

Bukkit plugins add more fun and functionality to the game. Craft bukkit or spigot minecraft server is required for using a bukkit plugin as they would not work with the official minecraft server downloaded from mojang. 

Top Minecraft Bukkit Plugin You Should Have 

1. ChatFeelings

ChatFeelings is a Bukkit plugin for introducing feelings, states of mind, and additional effects to comments. You can specify which individuals need to utilize the plugin for sending messages.

  • Each emotion is switchable.
  • All the time you will get notification of the new version.
  • It won’t disclose its name to common users.
  • Essentials along with additional Vanish plugins are supported.
  • It is a wonderful VIP honourposs for contributors.
  • Possible to mute players from usage of feelings. 

2. CraftBook 3

You are able to build a wide range of objects with CraftBook 3, such as intricate redstone devices, mob farms, different mechanisms, and much more. In addition, you can add unique recipes and, of course, add items that are used in particular machines to a blacklist.

  • Flexible and low weight in the server itself.
  • Disable features you don’t need as well as enable ones you need. even customise features based on your preferences.
  • These are elevators for your servers so people can smoothly move between floors.
  • For the players , they provide hidden switches.
  • Players can make it themselves because it is Working cauldron.
  • It provides Bridges and locations with toggles.

3. SilkSpawners

Silk spawners are a plugin that work on bukkit servers. Spigot API is essential for this particular plugin to do its functions. 

It is an initiator of bukkit and it lets you alter mob spawning. This will help the mob to perform additional functions like flying, jumping, breathing and so on.

  • BarAPI support has been added for this Bukkit Plugin.
  • This supports Minecraft from 1.8.X to 1.20.1.
  • Adjust the percentage of spawners that will be dropped on TNT and creeper explosions.
  • Spawner maintains his creature type.
  • Suitable for any spawner

4. PowerRanks

This is also a plugin that works in bucket servers. This plugin usually helps to introduce a new system that allows you to do in-game ranking. The game completely relies on the groups and permissions it allows. To configure, this has a proper GUI.   

  • PowerRanks is speed-optimized, so it immediately reflects any modifications you make.
  • This is very easy to use. 
  • Commands or configuration files can modify permissions.
  • It is a changeable one. You can alter many customization options to fit your server.
  • This is available for free download as well as free to use.
  • The plugin’s standard ranks are Member, Moderator, Admin, and Owner. And these can be modified or removed as desired. The plugin can manage an endless number of rankings.

5. Magic

Magic is a bukkit plugin which helps to introduce unique spells to your server for a minimum of 100 in number along with the ability to create custom spells.

An intuitive JSON configuration system can be used for customization procedures. Powerful GUI for spell creation and configuration are available in magic plugin.

  • Magic can be entirely customized. Plugin behavior, spells and wands accessible, and any in-game language can all be modified.
  • Additionally, Magic has pre-installed “example” defaults that can be used.
  • The standard Magic experience includes, players can learn new spells with the help of SP at an enchanting table.

6. Tree Assist

As the name indicates, tree assist is a bukkit plugin which has the ability to replant the cut down or burned down trees with the support of saplings. 

These trees will be the same species of the spoiled ones. If a tree grows in an area where there was nothing before, this plugin can replant trees on trees.  

  • By placing saplings, Tree Assist  can replant the tree.
  • You can replant the sapling of the same tree which you cut down.
  • Automated tree removal is available.
  • You can use the force brake command to break threes that are within the specified range.
  • Force grow command will help you to grow the saplings that are within the specified range.

7. Scavenger

This bukkit plugin can help the players to find rare items from the world by providing special tools. You can use the compass to find the rare item. 

Special tools can support functions like digging up blocks and searching chests or double chests.

  • It can recover items automatically in the time of death.
  • If you enable the permission, it can recover the individual item.
  • At the time of death, automatic level and experience recovery
  • This Bukkit Plugin supports SuperPerms.
  • This supports economies that are based on vault.
  • This supports Persistent recoveries.

8. Minepacks

The plugin Minepacks enables you to create unique mini-games based on the popular game Minecraft. You can change the mini-game’s commands by either including or omitting them, and you can include scoreboards to monitor players’ growth.

You can also try this click test game on your sever to improve your mouse clicking speed.

  • Here, permissions are controlling the backpack size.
  • In the full inventory, auto item collection mode is one. But we can enable it in the configuration.
  • Multiple language files are included, so multiple language supports well.
  • Restrict the storage of things in the backpack with the help of an item filter.
  • The backpack can hold everything that can be kept in a chest. So can preserve the item’s NBT data.
  • Available auto updater and API for developers.

9. Holographic Displays

To produce 3D messages and holograms on the server, utilize the Holographic Displays Bukkit Plugin. There is no longer any active development of this plugin and it will not work on your server unless you use a client like Minecraft Forge. 

  • For displaying text and items to players,this plugin creates futuristic holograms.
  • It is very fast and so easy to use for the players.
  • Spigot 1.8 to 1.19 is compatible with Holographic Displays.
  • This plugin consists of Support for PlaceholderAPI, provided by numerous placeholders.
  • It uses a text hologram to command the reader images.

10. CoreProtect

Core protect will replace the flat file base logger used in other plugins by providing a protection system for bukkit servers. Admins will be able to easily search as it logs to the database.  

  • Data logging is fast and efficient.
  • Server performance will never be impacted because it is multithreaded.
  • Here there is no need for configuration. On your server you can directly put the plugin. You are ready to go.
  • You can use a rock inspector easily.
  • Lookup tools are advanced search based ones. Which are available here.
  • Capable of tracking blocks that fall off other blocks. If a player breaks a sign-adorned block, both the block and the sign can be rolled back.

11. Advanced Portals

This Bukkit plugin offers your game a progressive translocation system. This system includes many features, such as the ability to set limits on who can translocate and allowing players to create their own teleports.

  • You may now design portals with various shapes because of the portal block.
  • You must activate explosions and Eye of End effects in the config because they are disabled by default.
  • You can edit messages to normal players to include your server name, so they feel a bit more a part of the server, known as Custom message prefix.
  • You may specify the blocks you want the plugin to check for with portal trigger blocks, and you can even combine half-blocks and stair combinations to make some really unique portals..
  • You can modify variables in the configuration to change or toggle most aspects.
  • The most recent versions of the plugin are only compatible with 1.13 and higher. Please download 0.0.41, which works with 1.7 to 1.12.

12. UberEnchant

Uber enchant is a bukkit plugin where you are able to add a simple enhancement to your server. Here you can even add custom enchants to items. This includes food, tools, swords,blocks. For making a self made enchantment to your stuff , this will be the perfect choice. 

  • This requires a vault as economic support.
  • Enchantments (Vanilla enchants only) like Adding, removing Any item almost any level Limited to 255 internally by Minecraft since 1.17
  • It can Hide/Show (UberEnchant 8.9.7+)
  • You can Add/Set a blank line with the code “/uadd lore %null” or “/uset lore <line> %null” (Version 8.9.2+)
  • Commands can support color codes.

13. Shopkeepers

This bukkit plugin has the ability to add shopkeepers to your server where you can sell your items to get money. The settings of shopkeepers are configurable to customize the items that you want to sell.  

  • Simple creation of villagers shopkeepers who trade the goods you want them to trade.
  • Player stores that draw goods from a chest.
  • To represent your shopkeeper, sign stores, and Citizens (NPC) shops, a variety of supported mob kinds are available.
  • Provide configuration options
  • Messages are translatable 

14. SecurityVillagers

SecurityVillagers is a Minecraft server plugin (Bukkit, Spigot) which safeguard the villagers and other mobs such as iron golems and illagers.You can specify which players/groups are allowed to attack/interact with mobs.

  • These plugins guaranteed that they were 100% configurable.
  • It can support from 1.8.8 to 1.19.4 MC version.
  • You can decide who to protect and how to do so from any harm.
  • Interaction/trades/eggs must be prohibited with the help of these plugins.
  • It can  support JSON messages
  • It can avoid server lag by  asynchronous mechanism.

15. MyCommand

To generate unique commands for your server, utilize MyCommand. You can create your own moderation tools by adding additional commands with various configurable variables using this Bukkit Plugin.

  • This plugin can make new commands
  • This can perform many comanda in a single one.
  • Warmups and cooldowns, as well as delayed commands that have particular pauses.
  • All features are completely customizable.
  • Permit command execution in a variety of situations.

16. SignBoard

Sign board is a bukkit plugin which makes you able to create signs with many variety features. Players can use it to set home, set spawn, and also provide the players even to join a group. 

  • Countless text can be attached to signs and living things, such as Citizens2 NPCs, armor stands, villages, and mobs. 
  • When players look at the sign/entity, give out the text as a book.
  • Group-specific contents can also be shown by SignBoard. So that you can show texts in different languages to players. 
  • All Bukkit/Spigot/Paper versions between 1.13.3 and 1.19.3 are supported by SignBoard versions 1.6.3 and higher. All Bukkit/Spigot/Paper versions from 1.8.7 to 1.16.1 are supported by SignBoard version 1.6.2.

17. DropHeads

Dropheads is one of the exciting bukkit plugins which allows players to drop their own heads. Whenever someone dies, they will drop their heads and other players will be able to pick them up.

  • This one is completely configurable.
  • Get heads by dropping them dead or by using a command.
  • Customized behead messages and translation assistance are available.
  • Updated heads from the most recent Minecraft snapshots available on a regular basis.

18. OpenInv

The OpenInv Plugin (1.19.4, 1.19.2) lets you open and interact with any player’s inventory or ender chest in real time. This provides access to the armor slots as well as the ability to dump stuff in the bottom right unused slots as if you were the player. 

Any user’s inventory or ender chest contents can be changed in real time by administrators however they like.

  • You can access it from everywhere. There are no limitations like distance or obstacles.
  •  Any of the player’s Player inventories and ender chests can open. Even If  they are offline players!
  • You can open the last accessed player’s inventory/ender chest with the help of OpenInv or OpenEnder command without any arguments.
  • You can also search in their inventory or ender chest, for all the online players in a specific time.  

19. GUI Shop

This plugin is the ultimate fix for all of the signs, chests, and bugs. This plugin can put an end to all of your headaches. GUI shop, I present to you. This plugin uses a sleek fresh way of making shopping simple, pleasant, and enjoyable.

  • This plugin is simple for setting up, simple to use, and a fantastic solution to your shop’s problems.
  • This plugin allows you for Per-Shop Permissions.
  • No need for a spawners plugin, spawner support is available. 
  • No need for a player head plugin, player head will support.
  • You can buy commands from players or consoles, because they execute commands on buy.
  • Languages are configurable and it can support 1.4.6 – 1.16.5. version.

20. Ban Management

Ban management is another bukkit plugin. With the support of commands, players can utilize this plugin to manage the bans of players. The bigger servers that have lots of bans are most suitable with this plugin. 

  • It is an open resource and free for users to use.
  • Robust. some of the biggest Minecraft servers use and have undergone testing.
  • This can do cross platform support like bukkit, spigot, bungeecord and sponge.
  • With the help of extensive player permission, it is fully customisable.
  • This requires CraftBukkit/Spigot/Paper, BungeeCord or Sponge for Minecraft 1.7.2+ and Java8+.

21. EssentialsX

With the support of this bukkit plugin players can do group chat. This plugin provides a broadcast system to  send messages to all players on the same server. The Latest versions of bukkit are suitable for this plugin. 

  • Recommend telecommunication and tools
  • Production of wrap and management.
  • Home production and management.
  • Chat layout and administration.
  • Configuration flexibility.

22. Dynmap®

Dynmap is a bukkit plugin , which gives you a top down manner in game maps. Players can view the world in real time with the support of this plugin. Same as this will help you by providing a detailed path to reach the historical details. 

  • The map is being updated in real time.
  • Map reading is customizable.
  • Support with other Minecraft versions.
  • For easy access, a web interface is available.
  • On the map, chat messages are available in the form of balloons or in chat boxes. 

23. MobArena

This plugin refers to a mini game. This plugin gives rights to the  players to create their own fight clubs.  Game rules can be picked before and even players can assign other game modes with mobarena. For example; team mode. 

  • Creation and management of the arena.
  • This has few user commands.
  • Permissions and economies need Vault to execute.
  • It is so easy to set up.
  • opponent waves and difficulty settings are adjustable.

24. Marriage Master

Marriage Master permits you to marry another Minecraft player in order to gain some perks. You will be provided with a list of those who are married recently. The client which you are using is noa a big deal. The server in which you are playing is limited. 

So that there are no more compatibility issues with other servers. This plugin has excellent integration with earlier Minecraft versions and is routinely updated.

  • Settings are customizable for marriage requirements.
  • Management and creation of marriage.
  • Being near a companion, health regenerates more quickly. 
  • You can enable/disable PvP with your partner.
  • You can enable the options that need to accept the marriage.

25. WorldEdit for Bukkit

This plugin can work on servers which are suitable to run by bukkit. That can support the version 1.7 or higher of the spigot API through the commands, this plugin allows you to make changes to your minecraft world very simply and quickly. 

Before it used to take lots of time to make a small change, but now it’s just a matter of a few minutes. 

  • For editing in specific regions, selection tools are available.
  • To fix grieving and mistakes, use this on your Minecraft server.
  • Java Edition is necessary. It is possible to use the WorldEdit Plugin with Bukkit, Spigot, Paper, and Sponge.
  • For rapid adjustments, use the copy, paste, and fill commands.
  • Configuration can be customizable. 


Is Spigot Better Than Bukkit Minecraft?

Spigot will generally use memory and CPU more effectively than CraftBukkit, which makes it a better option for both large and small servers. Even if you don’t use any plugins, Spigot performs better than Vanilla.

Does Spigot Run Better?

Spigot is quick and can use a bungee. Paper is a spigot fork used to improve performance.

What Is The Best Perms Plugin For Minecraft?

 Many well-known Minecraft permissions plugins have come and gone over the years, but one has remained in prominence far beyond the others. 

A plugin for permissions that is so simple to use that it is the greatest! Today, we’ll examine LuckPerms and explain why you ought to verify its claims for yourself.


Bukkit Plugins are a crucial component of the Minecraft experience since they enable you to design your own unique commands and in-game items. 

You can find the top 25 Bukkit plugins for Minecraft in this article.

I hope this article will help you to choose the best bukkit plugin for your server. 

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