How to Get Better at Minecraft PvP in 2024

PvP in Minecraft can be tricky to master as there’s much more to it than clicking and inflicting damage in the game. Some methods or tricks can help the players improve their combat capabilities, enhancing their gaming experience.

However, if you wish to master the art of PvP, you would require constant practice. If you follow a regular practice regimen, you will witness noticeable progress within a short period. From working on hitboxes to strafing, there are plenty of tips to learn.

In today’s article, we will discuss the prominent points that will get you better at Minecraft PvP. So, without waiting, let us get started.

Minecraft PVP Tips: Increase Your PvP Skill

PvP mode also requires you to use your resources wisely. It involves mining at the best positions to gain an upper hand during the initial phase of the game. Mining at Y=11 blocks would be the best as you can find all the crucial ores here.

Clicking speed and precision contributes significantly to improving your PvP Skill. Anywhere from 6 CPS (Clicks per second) to 20 CPS would deal with an opponent of any caliber. However, precision would be a deciding factor.

1. Superior Enchantments

Players will find it extremely difficult to win PvP battles without superior enchantments. Most of the players often use diamond or netherite gear. However, the preferred enchantments for PvP battles should be Protection, Fire Protection, Thorns, and Unbreaking.

For the swords, it is ideal opting for Knockback, Sharpness, and Fire Aspects. It is also crucial to state that some players like to use their bows. In such cases, you can enchant it with Power, Infinity, and Flame to gain an edge in PvP battles.

2. Practice Click Speed

It is impossible to win a PvP battle if you are not quick enough or good at clicking or aiming. Players need to focus on their clicking speed to gain the upper hand in PvP battles. There are several ways to enhance your clicking speed. Jitter Clicking can help you in improving the click speed.

However, improving your clicking speed in Minecraft does not imply that you need spam clicks. It is crucial to state that one sweep will inflict more damage compared to a simple spam attack.

Therefore, practicing and improving click speed would give you an edge over other opponents in the game.

3. Good Aim

Similar to any FPS game title, PvP in Minecraft relies heavily on precise or good aiming prowess. Players will not like to miss arrows and slashes that can put them in a tight spot and cost them the fight.

Precise aiming can help you gain an advantage in critical situations, which you can exploit to turn the tide in your favor. There are several tools or activities available that you can use to improve your aiming abilities.

4. Item Utilization

It is essential to make the most out of the items stored in your inventory for more efficient attacks. It includes the following elements found in the game.

Carry Fishing Rod

Fishing rods in Minecraft can hook targets before pulling them toward themselves. This ability can be used to pull strafing or fleeing enemies and strike them with a weapon by switching to a primary weapon that will inflict heavy damage to them.

However, this would require the utmost patience and will consume time. Nevertheless, it is an excellent tactic to pull when one finds themselves against slippier opponents in the PvP mode of Minecraft.

Speed Potions

Speed Potions like Potion of Swiftness will improve the speed of the player by leaps and bounds. It will also enhance the field vision a little. Using a speed potion would help you gain the upper hand against the opponent.

It is also crucial to state that the speeding potion of level one would increase the speed by 20%. Furthermore, if players use a level 2 potion, the speed the player will increase by a whopping 40% which is sufficient to surprise any opponent and inflict damage to them.

Snowballs & Eggs

Snowballs and eggs are very helpful when you find yourself in a 1v1 situation. Using snowballs and eggs freezes the movement of the players moving forward in Minecraft, which makes it easier to target them and inflict additional hits.

They are a better alternative than rods since they can be spammed. Players can also aim better with snowballs and eggs, which will increase their chances of winning crucial fights in PvP mode.

Lava/Flint Steel

Lava/Flint Steel is a useful tool that helps to create fire or ignite blocks or structures. It can also be used on a creeper to cause a massive explosion dealing heavy damage to those who hinder its way.

It can also be exploited to light the nether portals that will give players an edge against their opponents and improve their overall experience.


Blocks play a crucial role in Minecraft. In PvP mode, blocks can come in handy to restrict the movement of your opponents. It will help to cancel off their momentum and provide you enough time to plan your strategy and launch an attack of your own.

5. HotKeying

Hotkeying refers to the concept of utilizing your number and other keys on the keyboard to switch between unique items in your inventory. It helps in saving valuable time and will help you switch between distinct items in your inventory any time you want.

We recommend assigning the primary weapons to the key, which can be accessed easily. Players can assign hot keys based on their personal preferences that help them deliver better results in PvP in Minecraft.

6. Movements

The movement of the player in Minecraft PvP mode ascertains the chances of the player winning the fight. We widely regarded WASD movement as the best movement key pattern in PvP modes.

These movement patterns make it much easier for players to move anywhere on the map. Having an easily accessible movement pattern would also help you in times when a player suffers heavy damage and wishes to flee.

7. Practice on PvP Servers

With thousands of servers to choose from, players need to be careful as it would take hours to collect resources required for fights. In the process, players can practice on PvP servers that will get them the training they need by competing against enemies.

Purple Prison and Lunar Network are some servers that will provide you with a decent training environment where you can train and gear up for your actual fights in PvP mode in Minecraft. It will improve your skillset and help you get prepared more effectively.

8. Smart Choice of Weapons

Weapons in Minecraft are very diverse. While some inflict heavy damage on opponents, some have little to no effect on them. Therefore, it is essential to make a smart choice of weapons for the PvP mode in the game.

The game also features some special weapons that have special properties. Axes can stun any shield of your rivals and prevent its use for a limited time. Swords keep in an arc while striking multiple targets simultaneously.

Therefore, making the optimum decision in the case of weapons would be the key to improving your PvP abilities.

9. Sprinting

Players need to avoid getting hit and land strikes. Therefore, players must practice sprinting to chase down foes in critical situations. They should master parkour skills to get a drop on their opponents easily and effectively.

10. Straffing – What Is It and How Do I Do It?

Strafing in Minecraft plays a crucial role. It refers to encircling the opponent and keeping yourself out of the line of sight, which can help you avoid unnecessary fights and strike them at the right time. Staffing helps avoid hits and can be helpful in PvP modes.

The only problem associated with it is that players find it hard to strafe when using double tapping. To counter, strafe and jump simultaneously will gain you a crucial advantage over other players.

11. Critical Hitting

If you find yourself in a mid-air position and move to the bottom, you will deal an extra 50% damage along with an extra heart. Whenever you inflict a critical blow on the opponent, it is visible with the help of grey particles.

However, they do not work when moving up. Players can deal a critical blow using a fist, sword, or anything they can find in their inventory. Therefore, it is crucial to master critical hitting to gain an upper hand in PvP fights in Minecraft.


1. Who is PvP God in Minecraft?

Technoblade is widely known as the PvP god in Minecraft.

2. What Minecraft Edition is Best For PvP?

With faster hit times and more importantly focused on strafing, 1.8 style PvP is best for intense fights.

3. What Is The Best PvP Server?

PvP Land, Foxcraft, and Purple Prison are some of the best PvP servers in Minecraft.


These were some prominent tricks or ways to get better at PvP mode in Minecraft. Most of the points we discussed require patience and practice. Therefore, it is crucial to practice and master the arts before entering the PvP mode.

We hope you liked the article.

Keep Clashing!

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