15 Best Io Games to Play with Friends in 2024

Io games are a part of a new gaming genre where players can enjoy gaming titles on a browser free of cost. The popularity of Io games is increasing by leaps and bounds as they only require players to have a stable internet connection. 

These lightweight games can improve your gaming experience if you intend to spend your spare time on casual gaming. 

Below, we have prepared a list of some of the best Io games you can enjoy with your friends for free. 

So, without waiting, let us get started.

What Exactly Is A .Io Game, And Why Are They Popular?

Io games based on browsers are an excellent alternative to mainstream gaming titles. These games are an ideal choice if players wish to spend some time casual gaming with friends or people around the globe. 

With their appealing yet simple interface, they appeal to most players and help them provide an immersive gaming experience. 

Best Io Games to Play with Friends

1. Slither.io

Starting off our list with a renowned Io game Slither.io. The game provides a large map where players need to slither their way and collect powerups to grow bigger. However, the game does not require the player to wander on his own freely like any open-world game. 

Slither.Io also features some other players who roam around the world. Players need to avoid contact with them. Failing to do so will end their game, and they will have to restart their journey again. We can enjoy the game online on any device connected to the internet. 

2. Deeeep.io

The game allows players to play the role of an evolving fish. The main objective of the game is to explore the mysteries of the sea. Players will have to collect food scattered across the sea and protect and fight their way amongst the other creatures. 

As you progress into the game, you can also evolve your abilities allowing you to feed on other fishes to become strong. It is one of the best PvP games available online and can be played or enjoyed on any device with a stable internet connection. 

3. Stomped.io

As the name suggests, players in this game need to stomp other players out of a platform-based arena. The game offers various customizations to the in-game character. Players can choose from a range of skins and costumes that suits their requirements. 

Furthermore, players need to control the movement of their character using the mouse by directing them either left or right. The objective of the game is to collect as many stars as possible, located around the platform. 

The stars collected by you will grant you additional rewards and upgrades that will facilitate your journey to stomp other players. The game is fun to play and can be enjoyed with friends or players located around the globe. The game is based online. Hence, you will require a stable internet connection on any device. 

4. Narwhale.io

Next on our list is another game, which you can enjoy playing on a browser for free. The game provides a casual gaming experience where friendly narwhals pierce each other. The Narwhale game is multiplayer and can be enjoyed or played with friends or random players. 

The game requires an internet connection and is available for PC, android and mac supported devices. With its simple yet competitive gameplay, it is one of the best Io games you can enjoy with friends. 

5. Surviv.io

If you wish to enjoy a battle royale-themed Io game, this game is here for you. Players will find it a lite version of shooting-based titles like PubG or Valorant, where you will have to kill enemies and survive in the play zone to claim the title of the ultimate warrior. 

The game is engaging and is one of the best choices for players wishing to enjoy a battle royale in their spare time. The game is online and compatible with all devices having a stable internet connection. 

6. Splix.io

If you are a fan of strategy-based gaming, you have to consider this game from our list. The game requires players to expand and conquer as much land as possible to establish their domination in the world. 

You can choose any area you like and make it your own by filling it with a color. However, if anyone hits your trail, you will have to restart your journey again.

It is an addictive game and can be enjoyed with friends as it is compatible with all devices having a stable internet connection. 

7. Brutal.io

The next game on our list is a game based on survival. Players will have to control a ball and manage it around the arena to eat food to allow it to grow bigger. Players need to deal with other players by attacking them using different ball combinations. 

You can also attack other balls approaching you using the offensive abilities awarded to you in the game. The game is multiplayer and is compatible with all devices with an internet connection. 

8. Starve.io

Another survival-based game you can go with is Starve. Players will have to survive on an island filled with nasty creatures. They must cope with hunger, and thirst and build a shelter to stand a chance against the island. With its top-down perspective, the game allows you to get an insight into your surroundings. 

You can also help or play with friends to aid or assist them to survive the perils of the island. The game is available online and is compatible with all devices. It is one of the best and most unique Io games to enjoy with friends.


Diep.Io is a unique game compared to the other titles we discussed in this list. The game requires you to take control of a tank and drive your way around other players with the motive of destroying them. 

Players also get the opportunity to upgrade their tanks and equip them with stronger protections that will help them defend against attacks from other players. It is one of the most tempting games on our list and is compatible with all devices with an internet connection. 

10. Zombis.io

Players play the role of a scavenger during the daytime. However, at night, you have to undertake the role of a zombie hunter and collect resources to build your fortress along with other players to fight against hordes of enemies waiting to rip you apart. 

It is also crucial to state that you need to protect your resources and your zombies as they can steal your gold if you are not careful. The game is multiplayer and compatible with all devices having an internet connection. 

It is one of the best titles to consider if you wish to be a part of the squad fighting against zombies. 

11. Mope.io

Featuring next on our list is another survival-based Io game where players are required to eat, evolve, and survive to progress further into the game. Players will have to eat as much as they can to evolve their way from a mouse to a dragon. 

However, you will have to be careful and avoid becoming a snack for other powerful creatures that dwell around you. It is one of the best survival-based Io titles available on the internet and is compatible with all devices. 

12. Agar.io

Next on our list is arguably one of the most popular multiplayer Io-based games. This game requires players to go around and fetch food for themselves or their in-game character to grow bigger and stronger. It will help them to dominate the area and become the last one standing.

The game progresses as the size of your microbe grows bigger and bigger by consuming other nearby players. The game is fun to play with friends or players around the game and is compatible with all devices with a stable internet connection. 

With its simple yet effective gameplay, you will be tempted to jump back to the game as soon as possible. 

13. Skribbl.io

Skribble is one of the oldest and most popular Io games of our time. It is one of the best multiplayer games you can enjoy with your friends in your spare time. 

The game is an online version influenced by Pictionary, where players are required to draw their imagination for different objects, while other players will have to guess the drawn object by entering their predictions in the chat box. 

It is a stress-free game that will elevate and uplift your gaming experience with your friends. It is compatible with all devices with an internet connection. 

Furthermore, the game would be more interesting owing to the strange and random guesses by friends that will uplift your gaming experience. 

14. Wings.io

Players will have to manage a jet plane of their own and try to shoot down and inflict damage to other player planes using bombs and beams. It is a fast-paced game packed with action. However, players will have trouble understanding the controls of the game in the initial phase. 

The satisfaction of managing a jet plane and shooting down targets is the USP of the game, which makes it popular among many players. The game is compatible with all devices and can be enjoyed with friends or random players.

15. Gats.io

Last but not least is a top-down shooter game that requires players to weave their way across several squares, and rectangles by picking players with precision-based shots. 

The game offers a load of weapons to choose which might confuse many players. Each weapon chosen has its strengths and weakness, which you must consider before going with the weapons of your choice. 

Your objective in the game is to climb your way up to the top of the leaderboard to claim the title of the ultimate shooting expert. The game is compatible with all devices and requires an online internet connection to enjoy it with your friends. 


What Does .Io Mean In Gaming?

IO stands out for input and output. Every game which is followed by .io implies that the game can be accessed without downloading with the help of a browser and a stable internet connection. 

Is Io A Bot Game?

There are several Io-based games where the developers have implemented bots in their gameplay. However, most of the io games discussed on our list are multiplayer-based and eliminate the possibility of you playing with bots. 

Are Io Games Offline?

Io games are regarded as a fun and casual way to relax your mind. These games can be played offline or online depending on the title. If the game is multiplayer-based, it will be online. On the contrary, all the other games which do not feature multiplayer battles are offline. 

What Is The First Io-Based Game?

Agar.Io, which we discussed on our list is regarded as the starting point of Io-based games. Their simple yet addictive nature has made them climb up the ranks in the gaming genre to become one of the most loved gaming genres of our time. 

Final Thoughts

These were some of the best Io games you can enjoy with your friends. Although the decision to choose the ideal title from the list depends on the personal prejudice of the players. Agar and Skribble.Io would be our top recommendations to try. 

These games have combined unique aspects and elements of their genre to deliver an immersive and elevated gaming experience to the players. These would be excellent options to consider whenever you wish for a casual gaming session with your friends. 

With little to no requirements and easy-to-access features, Io games are constantly growing to be one of the most popular gaming genres. It would be interesting to see what fresh changes will be made to the specific gaming style to keep them relevant shortly. 

We hope you liked the article. 

Keep Clashing!

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