Use GS Auto clicker and forget mouse clicks

GS auto clicker is one of the most helpful applications that help click the mouse without any effort. Many gamers who play frequently become tired because of clicking the mouse continuously. This tool can help a lot to save time, and work will be completed before time.

It also helps in the office work. If any work is related to clicking on the mouse, then just start the application and complete the work. Give relaxation to the finger and let the application do it. 

GS auto clicker was launched to keep in view to save the time and utilize that time in any other work. A mouse click is generally required in some specific work, and it takes a long time to complete, but in the GS auto clicker, the work will be finished within some minutes.

At a relaxing time, the user can check what to do next and the further works. This application is free of cost, and users can download it from its official website. 

Some notes to Auto Clicker

some notes on auto clicker

Auto clicker is one of the tools that automatically click on the specific things set by the user. There are different types of the auto clicker in which many functions acts automatically with a single press on a hotkey.

Some of the functions are like it records names and addresses of customers, helps to create a daily report to keep track, and creates a response bot for sending a thank you mail to them.

It is a product used to click automatically on specific things, and you can do your other works at that time. 

After installing this application, you don’t have to sit in front of the computer all day. Just select the work where only clicks are required and press the hotkey.

The work will be over before the time that you would be taking. Many popular writers use this application for posting blogs or articles. These are some of the programs which save time for celebrities and famous personalities as well.

This clicker helps to skip those parts in any content, which you know that you have already read earlier. Just start this application and give rest to your finger. Auto clicker is one of the cool applications that can save many people who do lots of work together.

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Functioning of GS Auto clicker

It is very simple to use this application, as the developer has kept in mind that to keep the interface very easy. After installing the application, open the app and select a specific HotKey for the functioning. After starting the application, it will start its work, and the user can relax afterward.

If the user wants to record any specific sequence of repetitive clicks on different parts of the screen, this application is also possible. 

How to maximize Auto Clicker

The following steps are briefly explained how to set up a GS auto clicker. If the user follows the steps given below, then the GS auto clicker will work more efficiently:

Step 1 – First click on “options” in the main window tab and then select “clicking.”

GS Auto Clicker Select Clicking

Step2 – Now in the “options” will reflect how the mouse will work. Either user can select it on single click or double click. According to work, the selection can be made. 

Step3 – In the “repeat” section, the user will find how many times the mouse will repeat, and the interval between each click can be selected as well. In this section, if the user wants to deactivate the application after a certain click, that is also available. 

GS Auto Clicker How to Use Repeat Mode

Step4 – Select “F8” as HotKey to start the GS auto clicker application.

GS Auto Clicker Repeat Click Function

Additional settings for GS auto clicker

Add some extra settings to make it more beneficial for work or games. After installing the GS auto clicker, if you want to record the clicks and play it, this is also available. As some of the office works are related to clicking on the specific option, you can record where the individual clicks should be done in this application. The following steps are clearly defined:

Step1– Open the application and go to the “options” menu and choose the “recording” then “multiple clicks.” 

Recording Clicks

Step2 – On this window, one dialog box will option, and “Record and replay multiple clicks” will be available to activate this specific option. 

GS Auto Clicker Multiple Clicks Mode

Step 3: Click on the “Pick point” button to record the click which you want.

Record Clicks Pick Point

Step4– Complete all the essential clicks and do it a maximum number of times. After the work is over, then click on the “Ok” option to over the task.

Record Clicks

Step5 – HotKey, which you have selected, press on that key, and work will start within some seconds. In this relaxing time, choose what work is to do on the worklist. 

Specific setting to operate auto clicker

There are some of the essential settings in this application to make it more flexible. In the setting, the user will find the option which can affect the working of the GS auto clicker. 

  1. Selecting the hotkey, which will be easy to remember, and in the same hotkey, the application will start and end.
  2. In the “View” option, the user can set if the application will minimize mode or maximize mode when the work finishes. 
  3. In the drop-down section under the “other” section, the user can select any specific action to be performed by the application.
  4. “Recording” option makes the application more beneficial to the user. 


There are different types of auto-clicker, and GS auto clicker is one of them. In this application, the user can set where and how many times to click on the same button.

Users can choose the different sequence or place by recording the mouse activity. Just the user has to press on the hotkey and start the work. Many users use this application and work something else in their free time.

After using this application, you don’t have to sit at the computer table every time. There are many features present in this application that make the user more comfortable and work on any other work. Some gamers use this application to rest to their finger who are tired of clicking the same buttons. 

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