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What is a mouse sensitivity calculator?

The Mouse sensitivity Calculator is a tool helpful for calculating the mouse sensitivity in terms of DPI or Dots Per Linear Inch. Also, this tool can be used to convert the sensitivity of the mouse, like transferring the 360 rotation of one game exactly into another. This helps you in keeping a well-developed muscle memory throughout any game you play.

Best for shooting games

Mouse Sensitivity is helpful in playing different shooting games where the sensitivity helps in aiming precisely. This tool would help you to change mouse sensitivity and aid in improving your aiming skills. A low sensitivity setting gives you more control to perform accurate movements, but also requires you to command your mouse by moving your elbow, rather than the wrist. The mouse sensitivity converter would help you adjust the mouse settings as per the game requirements, you can get high scores with minimum effort.

How to Use this calculator?

To use this tool, follow the steps given below-

  • Visit ‘’ on your browser.
  • In the left panel, look for ‘Mouse Sensitivity Calculator '.
  • Once the Window loads, convert the mouse sensitivity according to your choices.
  • You will find the options to Choose mouse sensitivity from the game and which game to transfer it into.
  • You can also adjust the DPI, Converted Sensitivity, Inches per 360, and Cm per 360 degrees. This implicates how much you have to move the mouse to do a full 360 degrees.

Now you have successfully converted the Mouse Sensitivity.

Why use this tool?

Mouse sensitivity is how much your mouse responds when you move the device. If the sensitivity is high, the pointer moves faster and farther than how much you physically move the mouse. This converter is helpful as it with customized sensitivity, you can save your time and play efficiently with minimum effort. A well-set mouse sensitivity gives you a higher competitive advantage.

The tool is available for multiple games like Battlefield, Blloodhunt, Call of Duty, Fortnite, Minecraft, Valorant, and uncountable other popular games. Thus, you can always take the mouse sensitivity from one game and apply it to the other. Making room for more efficient gaming.

How does this calculator work?

Mouse sensitivity is calculated on the basis of DPI or Dots Per Inch that a device can measure. Dots Per Index is the number of dots that can fit inside a line per 1 inch. This can be changed and along with it, the efficiency of gaming will also be changed, which means, a new experience in gaming. Different games use different sensitivity and DPI, which provides the gamer a different experience in every game.DPI is calculated by the mentioned formula- Sensitivity = eDPI/DPI

Why do games have different sensitivity?

Different games like Valorant, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, PuBG, Fall Guys, Minecraft, League Of Legends, Genshin Impact, and others have different engines, sizes, and games resolutions. Due to this, every game uses different DPI and Sensitivity, and the mouse pointer behaves differently.

Should I change sensitivity between games?

Gaming is a motor activity, which can be enhanced through exposure to sensorimotor variability. Changing the gaming sensitivity can actually help in enhancing your gaming skills rather than playing while keeping it the same. While gaming, custom sensitivity along with a high-end gaming mouse can level up your gaming abilities to a pro. So, you should start customizing sensitivity between games to get a better gaming experience.


This ‘Mouse Sensitivity Converter’ tool supports every game you can name from A to Z. Every game you say, or every game you know, all of them are supported by this tool and you can apply the sensitivity of one game to another so that you can get adjusted to the new game in a short time. You can find a calculator for all the games on the internet, and use it to convert your mouse sensitivity for gaming.

DPI or Dots Per Inch is the number of dots that can fit into a 1-inch line. The DPI depends on the hardware setting of the mouse, and also if it is a gaming mouse or a standard one. Whereas, the Sensitivity of the mouse is a software setting. In short, DPI is the capability and efficiency of the mouse, while sensitivity is a software factor.

Keep a global and standard sensitivity throughout every game you play. Due to this, you will be greatly comfortable with the mouse use and can focus on gaming rather than differing mouse sensitivities. Turn off mouse acceleration for a better experience without any fault.

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