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1 Second

1-Second play mode is the simple play mode to start click test. Here you can calculate the number of spacebar clicks per second. All you need is to enter the 1-second play mode and start the timer to find cps. After the timer pauses, you will get results with score and rank. The faster you hit the space key, the quicker you type and save time. Also, a higher click rate will help you to score more in online jumping and clicking games.

The best way to increase the spacebar clicking rate is to follow the butterfly clicking technique. In this technique, you use either of your fingers to tap the space key. Another way is to use both thumbs to click faster. That is why the space bar is the longest in a keyboard.

Features of 1-second play mode?

  • Newbies with below-average cps can try this mode to develop.
  • Best in-performance case.
  • As it is a web tool, users can play a game without fear of lag or crash.
  • More challenges create more fun besides just testing.
  • You can share results on social media.
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