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100 Second Click Test

It is the hardest and largest click testing gaming mode for players. Even though it is extremely uncommon to play a high-speed game at 100 seconds, some players do it just for fun.

In the same manner, like other games, players click on the blinking gray box to begin the click speed test and then continue clicking until the time runs out. There is only one purpose for the clicking effect - so you can see your clicks.

Playing the hardest 100-second mode

It might seem to be little when you start playing daily, but the period is very long for click speed games. Over the long term, it becomes extremely painful to continuously snap fingers, making the game extremely difficult to play.


  • It will tire players, even failing to complete the 100 seconds comfortably.
  • It can be very painful for your fingers while maintaining the same clicking speed for 100 seconds.

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