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15 Second

If you are wondering how fast can you click the spacebar in 15 seconds, this mode is perfect for you. Many gamers and typewriters need to tap the spacebar more quickly to win the game and type faster. This mode will help them a lot. The great advantage of this tool is that it is open-source and easy to use.

Those who are willing to increase the spacebar clicker rate can practice daily using this mode. You don't need to worry about generated results. The tool will generate accurate results as it is AI-based. When you click your spacebar, our backend program tracks the number of clicks and displays it after the successful completion of the test.

While this is open-source, you can test your speed for free. You don't even need to disclose personal details to start. Just visit the site and select any mode (15-second) as per preference. There is no issue such as lag or game freeze. Users will have good experience in utilizing the tool.

While pressing the spacebar, make sure to use both thumbs. Doing so will let you click the space key faster. The reason why the spacebar is an elongated key is that you must use either of the thumbs.

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