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5 Second

Are you looking for a tool that calculates your spacebar clicking rate accurately? You are on the right webpage. This spacebar counter will help you to increase your speed. In this 5-second mode, you can calculate your spacebar clicking rate for 5 seconds. Use this mode and carry a quick spacebar speed test.

This mode is easy to use. The timer will run for 5 seconds and you have to press the spacebar as much time as possible in a given period. If you fail to click more than average, don't worry, the tool is always here for you. You can come anytime and practice clicking. Try to break your own record. Keep pushing your limits.

We know that you are very busy in your daily life. You go to the office and come home tired. We don't have extra time to practice clicking. Thus, we can't improve our speed. But the 5-second mode is the time-saver mode. Anyone can use this mode to save time and improving speed simultaneously. All you need is little will to develop.

Are you a die-hard gamer? Are you looking to test spacebar speed? This 5-second mode will help you to do so. Before entering into online jumping and shooting games, you can use this mode by yourself and experience it better.

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