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Typing Test

15-Minute Typing Test

Many of the professionals use a test of 15 minutes, which is one of the longest. They know that with patience they can improve their typing skills.

In order for users to succeed in their typing goals, they should be aware of the best typing methods.

Typing suggestions:
  • 1. Use the perfect keyboard with a perfect layout, Dovark layout claims that it is the best layout for typing.
  • 2. Never get impatient while taking long typing tests like a 15-minute test.
  • 3. Focus on accuracy than speed.
  • 4. Use the best method of typing like touch typing.

Several popular typing methods

Many of you believe that touch typing is the only method useful while practicing. However, touch typing is more efficient than other methods.

Let's get to know about methods:

  • 1. Hunt and peck: This typing method requires users to type letter by letter while looking at the keyboard. However, it can cause errors if users don't check errors on the screen.
  • 2. Hybrid: It is a combination of Touch Typing and the Hunt Peck Method. Users type words by memorizing the keyboard and also focus on the screen to check for errors on the screen.
  • 3. Buffering: Buffering is like the play and pause method, users use it to memorize the sentence then start type and vise versa.
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