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If you want to check your clicks per second, then you're at the right place. A click test of one second is the quickest way to determine your clicks per second.

What are clicks per second test?

One-second clicks per second are click speed tests developed for users who are always concerned with their clicking speed. The main concern falls under when you are a gamer. Gamers always try to land more clicks than their opponent to beat them.

Things You Should Know Before Click Test:

The click speed test is one approach to determine the number of clicks you make within the selected time. But, before taking the test, I want you to consider some factors:

  • Choosing Best Mouse: Experts recommend choosing the best device for you before taking the clicker test. In this way, it will help you land soft and massive clicks
  • Practice: The key to becoming the best and overtaking other competitors is patience and good practice.

How to Increase Clicking Speed

Best ways to click faster in 1 Second CPS Test

There are several ways you can get better at clicking in the 1 Second CPS Test, although some of them are more helpful than others. The best way to improve your clicking speed is:

1. Practice

The real secret to click faster is to practice what you have learned and make an improvement plan. Practice can be boring and feel futile if you're not using a program that tracks your progress or giving yourself goals to work towards.

Without these things, practice will just seem like mindless clicks and mouse movements, which might feel less effective than other ways of training your brain like playing chess or learning a new language.

2. Master a Clicking Technique

Learning new clicking techniques will help you improve your CPS test score. Mastering the techniques that are demonstrated in this article will take time and dedication, but ultimately will allow you to become an excellent clicker, speed-wise.

The most important part of successful clicking is proper form. You can practice these clicking techniques until nice and sloppy, but it's all for naught if you don't have the proper hand and finger placement.

Most Common Clicking Technique Among Gamers

Use the jitter Clicking Technique

Only one finger (Index) is involved while jitter clicking. When you jitter click, your finger and hand are in a vibrating motion, but you lift your wrist as you click.

You want your index finger to hit the left click button while your wrist is lifted off of the mouse. You should take breaks often not only to prevent fatigue but to refresh yourself. With this technique, you can attain a maximum click speed of up to 14 CPS.

This technique is hard to try. However, regular practice and dedication will help you master this technique with time.

Use Drag Clicking Technique

Drag clicking is a technique for increasing the clicking speed of your mouse, which requires forceful dragging of the finger across the left button of the mouse.

It's also known as tap-clicking or Fazer-clicking and works seamlessly to improve your CPS. The technique allows users to register between 10-30 CPS score. You can also use electrical tape for the technique to make it more efficient.

Use Butterfly Clicking

To butterfly click, you have to slam your index and lengthier fingers alternately on the LMB (left mouse button) at a steady speed.

Butterfly clicking can increase your cps rate up to 22cps (as per the experience of users), making it easier for you to attack in Minecraft PVP. It is also known as double clicking because you have to click the mouse button twice (concurrently) using two fingers.

Use Triple-Tap Method

The triple-tap method is performed by using two fingers (index + lengthier) of one hand and the index finger of the other, tapping in a relaxing, steady rhythm.

This method seems to be faster than the double-tap and can be performed with the same level of relaxation and sustainability. It is a newly discovered technique by the gaming community which help you to register more click than butterfly clicking.

Minor Factors you must consider to increase CPS.

Apart from mastering a particular clicking technique, you should also consider keeping some factors in mind to increase your CPS, such as:

Use gaming and well-functioning mouse

A good gaming mouse will have a high CPI (Counts Per Inch), meaning you'll be able to move the cursor around at higher speeds without having to click multiple times.

It will also come with extra buttons and features like programmable macros on the side of the mouse itself to help improve your game performance as well as the comfort of movement.

Use Auto clicker (Might be Risky)

The process of clicking the same button a hundred times can be tedious, and even downright boring. Thankfully, there are programs designed to relieve you of this necessary but dull task.

Auto clickers are macros that automate mouse clicks at certain points to repeat them in quick succession. They're usually frequently used in games where grinding is involved, as they can save a lot of time. However, certain games disallow auto clickers and may also ban you from using them, so be cautious about it.

Professional gamers use the above techniques to register more clicks on games. You can use any clicking method as per your comfort or situation.

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