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100 Second Test

Welcome to another advanced mode of spacebar clicking test. The 100 Second Spacebar Counter helps you calculate your errorless spacebar clicking speed within 100 seconds. It is a 100% efficient result when you choose the advanced spacebar clicker mode.

The spacebar counter helps you mainly with your games and your typing jobs. In games, you use the spacebar to jump over and crawl under the objects, and it makes you survive while a fight so, it is crucial, and at your typing jobs, you know how quickly you click your spacebar, the quicker you press it, the faster you finish your job.

How to use 100-second spacebar test

  • Step1: Just go to from any of your desktop browsers.
  • Step2: Select a 100-seconds timer from the right sidebar near the clicking panel. Else, you can also select it from the menu button.
  • Step3: Initially, click on the clicking panel to start your test, so when you start clicking your Spacebar the test begins automatically.
  • Step4: After you finish up your test, you will receive your test result in the popup.


We hope you find this very satisfied with your expectation! If you want to recommend us something you can contact us on our feedback page. Till then enjoy using the spacebar clicker.

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