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2 Second

Welcome to the 2-second spacebar test mode. Here you can calculate the number of space key clicks in a time interval of 2-second. Clicking the space key faster will help you to type faster and save time. Also, you can score higher in many online jumping and shooting games. The 2-second mode is for thumb exercise. With this mode, you can warm up your wrist before entering into games that require clicking the spacebar without pauses.

While playing the game, make sure to press the spacebar as many times as possible. Here you just had 2-seconds to pass the test. Hence, try to finish the task in half interval to score more. You can watch many tutorials about how to increase the spacebar speed test on youtube. The pro trick most professional gamers follow is using both thumbs to press the space block.

A faster spacebar clicking rate will benefit you in many ways. You can type faster and quickly if your spacebar speed is more than average. It also helps you to enhance your gaming skills. Transcribers can typewrite at the speed of speaking fast. Thus, their clicking is almost twice comparing to the average person clicking rate. Spending 2-second daily is too small. Anyone can practice in this mode without the worry of time.

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