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Typing Test

1 Minute Typing Test

Get accurate typing speed test results at 1 Minute Typing Test. Amongst the results is how many words were typed for a minute and what accuracy you followed

What is best about using a 1-minute typing speed test?

The experts recommend everyone should learn typing skills, especially if you are a student or office worker.

Best features:
  • This large database of unique words contains more than 10,000 entries.
  • Gives Unlimited and Free access.
  • Become familiar with your typing skills in a short time.
  • Reset the test at any movement

Things you should know:

  • 1. Typing is not an easy task that everyone can accomplish, but if you practice every day, you can improve your skills.
  • 2. To improve your typing skills experts always recommend that to use perfect keyboards. You can achieve incredible results by using the best and smoothest keyboard
  • 3. And do not forget the method you use while typing. The method of typing is touch typing
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