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Check your mouse drag capability. Works with any mouse button or touchscreen.

Drag Test

Test your mouse dragging capability with this very efficient drag test tool of Check if your mouse buttons are correctly dragging, dropping, and moving elements. Hold elements and move anywhere on the screen. Perform this action for enough time to see if your mouse is capable of holding objects. Otherwise, the faulty mouse tends that they drop before the user does.

Dragging is a subtle element. Just take an example of the word document: you are already working on some word document. You came to your working folder and want to open it also, so are you going to open it by doing click or want to do it with a unique style by picking and dragging it into the word application.

In this type of action, the dragging tests help you find your mouse capability so that you should not get failed while doing such action before anyone.

Mouse Drag Test Online

The online Mouse Drag test helps users evaluate and measure their mouse or any touch device capability effortlessly. The dragging test from enables users to perform the test with two types of dragging functionality.

1. Left Mouse Button Drag Test

The left mouse dragging method is a widely used dragging technique. In order to perform this test, drag the object from the screen above and try to move it around your screen. If the object moves along with your actions, this indicates your left mouse button is working 100% efficiently.

2. Right Mouse Button Drag Test

Along with the left mouse dragging capabilities, the user can also test right mouse button drag tests. It is similar to the left mouse button drag test, but now you use the right mouse button.

After performing these two tests, you found no issues with your dragging and moving, then congratulations! You are now ready to start uploading content to the internet or to any of your applications.


First, you need to take a mouse drag test at Still, you find an issue with dragging then check if your system drivers are up to date. If not, then update first, restart the system, and check again. Still, the issue has not been resolved, then you need to look for another best gaming mouse.

To avoid these types of problems, make sure your peripherals are clean and dust-free. Use the recommended drivers. Always check if your operating system and drivers are up to date.

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