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7-Minute Typing Test


7 Minute Typing Test

Our goal was to create a test that would help you take typing as your natural habit, even when you make mistakes.

Typing is not about playing around with short words:

We realized that repeating only short words every time would not be the best practice, so we created a mix of short and long character words for every movement.

We included the best practice sentences used worldwide that professional typist types every day.

Typing fully oriented would be considered ideal when you don't look down at your keyboard.

How Touch Typing method is beneficial?

The experts always suggest the learners use the best method among all i.e touch typing.

This step involves placing your fingers in just the right spot without roaming the keyboard or moving your hand.

The first few times will be challenging, but if you memorize the key position, then it will be simpler for you the next time. After that, you will start to become the finest in typing.

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