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Manual Click Test

All scenarios like setting a timer for click speed test get cut when you want to test your clicking capacity. To test your clicking capacity in a specific time frame is not anyhow possible. So, we have come up with a solution that provides an unlimited timeframe to test your clicking speed, and it sees how long you can maintain your clicking speed per second.

How to use manual click test?

Manual Click Test is simpler than click speed test method. You can easily test your clicking speed with this manual clicking method.

  • Step1: Go to manual click test from the left sidebar menu.
  • Step2: When you start clicking with your mouse, the test automatically gets started.
  • Step3: To stop, just press the stop button. Then it will proceed to calculate your result.

The result will appear as your rank, the clicking speed per second, and the total number of clicks.

Features of manual click test
  • No time limit: The main benefit of this method is it does not have any time limit. You can stop the test whenever you want. It results in an improvement in your clicking speed.
  • Test your capacity: Using manual click test mode you are challenging your clicking speed capacity. It challenges you with the number of clicks per second and how much time you can maintain it.
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