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Right Click CPS Test


This CPS test game that lets you test your right button click speed.

About Right Click CPS Test

Ever wanted to know how fast you can click with the right mouse button? Take this right click CPS test to know your right button clicks per second rate.

Be it enjoying playing PC games or enhancing their mouse-clicking speed, this tool is of great help. Besides this, the right click test tool also aids users to test the functioning of their newly purchased mouse right button.

Just one mouse click and the result pops on your display screen instantly.

How To Take A Right Click CPS Test?

To take the right click test on your browser.

  • Go to ‘’ on your preferred browser.
  • The webpage appears.
  • Look for ‘Right Click Test’ in the above footer section.
  • Click on the option the click tests will load.
  • Start the test by right-clicking on the box that says ‘Right Click Here to Start Playing’.
  • The test starts with the counter and the number of clicks starts getting registered.
  • After the timer ends, you will get results of your right click CPS along with a rank that describes your clicking speed.

Benefits of Taking This Test

This clicking mode has many benefits, a few of which are mentioned below.

- Check Your Right Mouse Button Functionality

You can check if your right-click button is working properly or not, whether all clicks are registered or not, and if the mouse is perfectly efficient.

- Improve Your Right Click CPS Score

Using this tool, you can practice right-clicking efficiently and get familiar with the right-click button of your mouse and that can help you greatly in gaming.

- Gaming Benefits

In many games, you need to right-click the mouse to zoom into an aim or open scope. By being familiar with the right-click key, you can open the scope quickly and whenever you need to without wasting a fraction of a second on wondering, ‘which function was it?’

- Train Your Right Click Like A Left Click

With proper practice and training with the right click test, you would be able to click the right mouse button (RMB) just the way you hit the left button in CPS Test which can help you to improve clicks per second.

- Have Some Fun In Your Free Time

Having some fun does not cost anything, just a device, a mouse, and an internet connection. You can use this tool in your free time and this would also act as a practicing mechanism to help you learn.

- How Can I Improve My Right Click CPS?

By proper practicing and technique, you can increase your right-clicking speed. Regular practicing this test, and applying it in proper places can get it into improving your right-clicking speed.


The keyboard shortcut to right-click, in case your right-click button breaks down, is (Shift+F10). You can simultaneously press these two buttons to open the right-click options of the menu your cursor is on.

Generally, the right-click menu is used to open the context menu of any program. In gaming, the right-click is used to open the scope in shooting games like PUBG and Valorant. Right-clicking speed will get you the benefits in both general and gaming cases.

To right-click on a Mac pc, you can use the control button, two-finger tapping the trackpad, or connect an external mouse to the computer. Then right-click on Mac can help you to open the menu, copy, paste, or format objects.

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