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10 Second

Welcome to the 10-second mode of the spacebar test. You can use this mode to test your spacebar speed in 10 second time interval. This mode is a little hard to pass as time slightly increases here. If you believe that you have passed the intermediate test, you can use this mode to develop.

This mode is for average clickers who are willing to increase their speed. 10-seconds is a great choice to practice daily as this will not cost most of your time. Also, you can prepare yourself using this tool for online gaming. Increasing spacebar speed will help you in your typing too.

To increase spacebar speed, you must practice all techniques that professional gamers follow. Butterfly clicking is the best method to increase click rate. In this technique, you use either of your fingers. When pressing the spacebar, click the spacebar with one thumb in the first interval and then instantly click it with the thumb of another hand. No matter which technique you use, there is no improvement without practice.

The tool and its several features give you a chance to develop. You can practice in this mode and share results with friends. Participate in TikTok trends to get inspired. Organize little competition with colleagues to make learning fun.

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