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120 Second Spacebar Counter


120 Second Test

If you are struggling to find out your spacebar clicking speed. From now on, you do not need to worry about it. The Spacebar counter will help you measure your spacebar clicking speed in no time.

120 Second Spacebar Counter is a more advanced clicking mode at the spacebar test. We call this mode is built for the pro players. It is set to best mode to test your spacebar clicks because no one is as speedy as test their spacebar clicks in 1 second.

So, if want to become a pro in the spacebar clicker. Then, you must follow this 15-second spacebar test mode to practice more.

Feature of 120 Second Spacebar Test:

  • Easy User Environment: Easy User Environment provides the best and easiest environment for the user to quickly learn how to play the game!
  • Score Card: It offers live score statistics to users where they can see the time left (timer), Clicks per second, and total spacebar clicks done.
  • No Additional Requirement: No additional requirement is needed to take a spacebar counter test. It is 100% online and free!
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