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10 Seconds APM Test

About APM Test:-

Actions Per minute Test is more like a fun game used to highlight and measure the number of actions a player performs in a minute in any action-packed game. This term is commonly used in real-time strategy and fighting games to win.

How do you practice APM Test?

The convenient and favorable way of practicing the APM test is by giving this test consistently until you become master it and boost your accuracy skills. Practicing for prolonged hours with complete dedicated can make the users pro gamers.

What is APM Test used for?

One might wonder why the APM test is so crucial?

APM test is specially made for our gaming generation to test the number of actions these players can make in a minute. This test determines how fast the players can make decisions in the gaming environment when they are surrounded by their opponents. In short, the APM test is more like an aim training game that helps the players enhance their gaming accuracy and speed.

The higher the APM Test score, the higher is their accuracy and the higher are their chances of winning.

High and Low Action Per minute:-

High actions per minute highlight the skills and talent of a professional gamer. It showcases that the player has mastered the APM test and is capable enough to take relevant actions in front of the opponents while playing, increasing their chances to win the battle.

Whereas, a Lower Action per minute showcases that the particular player is a beginner, new to the gaming world. It highlights the passion and skills of the player. Consistent practice with concentration can help these players boost their low action per minute score to high action per minute score.

How to play Action Per minute?

Players can give the APM test conveniently by these easy-to-follow steps:-

  • Visit the Apm Test webpage.
  • Once the webpage is launched, read about the APM test to get an overview of it.
  • For the convenience of our users, the game is divided into four categories based on the difficulty level: Slow, Medium, Fast, Super Fast.
  • Hit the 'Start Game' button to begin the APM test game.
  • As the users begin playing the test, the blue boxes will start appearing on the grid. The user's job is to click on these boxes before they disappear.
  • Keep in mind the timer while playing.
  • The number of beneficial clicks made by the users in the given period is considered for evaluation.
  • Once the game ends, your score is displayed on the screen.

What factors are important in Action per minute?

Players can give the APM test conveniently by these easy-to-follow steps:-

  • Accuracy:-It is a vital factor to be considered in Actions Per Minute. A player who targets relevant things is said to be an accurate player. The players who hit more targets with fewer mistakes have a higher APM score thus, having a higher accuracy score. A player who hits relevant targets in the given period but with many mistakes has a lower APM score and a lower accuracy score. This shows how crucial accuracy skills are in the APM test.
  • Efficiency:-Clicking the relevant targets in the given period matters. A player having a high clicking speed will hit more targets and are considered to be efficient gamers having the potential to win. On the other hand, the players having a low clicking speed hits fewer targets and are not considered efficient players.
  • Spamming:- This factor is somewhat relevant to the accuracy factor. There are some actions in which the player opts to click again and again for a higher APM score but, these clicks are redundant and are of no use. Also, these clicks do not increase the APM score of players. Such clicking of redundant clicks is referred to as spamming.


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