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What Is a Monkey Typing Test?

The Monkey Type is an online typing test that aims at evaluating a user's typing speed and accuracy. "Consistent practice is the key to achieving a goal." The same lies true when it comes to typing speed.

The Monkey typing test is an effective way that lets users enhance their typing efficiency. It measures the number of words a user can type accurately in a minute, checks for errors, and monitors user progress to attain accuracy..

How To Take a Typing Test?

Follow the step-by-step tutorial mentioned below to take the typing test and challenge your friends.

Launch Website

The Internet is flooded with various free typing tests, but it is recommendable to go with a reliable and safe website. Navigate to the Monkey Type web page and begin your test.

Begin The Test

Once the webpage loads, a random paragraph pops on the screen. All the users need to do is type the same paragraph accurately. Users can make use of ‘Tab + Enter’ to restart the test again.

Modify The Typing Style

At the top of the page, you will find various typing options, such as 'Quote,' 'Numbers,' 'Punctuation,' and more. You can select the desired option based on what you want to practice. For instance, if you want to include punctuation marks, click on that option. If you prefer to type a random quote, click on the 'Quote' option, and so forth. This feature allows users to choose and customize the text they want to type according to their preferences.

Get Your Results

Once the users take up the typing test, a statistical report gets displayed on their screens indicating the accuracy, WPM (Word Per Minute), characters typed, consistency, and the time taken. Users can work on themselves accordingly on the basis of the statistics.

Why Are MonkeyType Typing Tests So Popular?

Multi-Language Support

The MonkeyType Typing test offers multi-language support to make the tool accessible worldwide. It supports various languages, including Hindi, English, Deutsch (German), Dutch, and French, allowing users from different linguistic backgrounds to use the tool effectively.

Work On All Devicest

The Money type test works on 'One tool for multiple devices' and works seamlessly over all devices, right from your Laptops and tablets to your handy mobile phones.

Fast & Easy

The tool features a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to adapt and use it effectively to enhance their typing accuracy and generate results within seconds instantly.

Powered By Ai Technology

What sets the Monkey Typing Test apart and makes it preferable over others is its AI-driven technology that generates random yet meaningful passages for the users to type and practice every time they use it.

Choose Different Time Modes

Users have the feasibility to set any of the time modes (1, 2, 5 and 10 minutes) based on the duration they are available to type and practice. Enjoy the convenience of selecting your preferred time mode and make the most out of your typing practice with us.

How To Improve Typing Speed?

Practice Daily

When it comes to boosting efficiency and accuracy, the only effective method to achieve it is consistent practice and dedication. There are no shortcuts or magic formulas. Only daily practice can make users efficient at typing.

Master Touch Typing

Touch typing is nothing but the technique of typing without having to look at the keyboard. It uses the user's muscle memory to locate the keys and aids in typing at a faster rate. Become a pro at Touch Typing and hence enhance your typing efficiency.

Use Keyboard Shortcut

Why waste time when you can make use of shortcuts? Make a habit of using the keyboard shortcut keys rather than wasting time searching for any particular key, leading to a higher WPM (Word Per Minute) score.

Avoid Looking At The keyboard

Typing without looking at the keyboard and focusing on the screen allows faster typing. By eliminating the need to look at the keyboard, users can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent switching between the screen and the keys. Consistently practicing will improve your muscle memory to remember the layout of the keys without looking at them.

Use Our Typing Test

The last yet the best way to improve your typing capabilities is by using our Monkey Typing Test, which generates meaningful passages every time you use it, enabling the users to type, monitor their results and work on enhancing it.

Tips To Master Typing Speed

Choose Proper Keyboard Type

The accuracy at which you type gets influenced by the type of keyboard you use. Mechanical and membrane keyboards are two keyboards commonly available in the market. Therefore use both these keyboards and see if they are ergonomic and comfortable before making up your mind to purchase them.

Find a Suitable Keyboard Position

Proper positioning of the keyboard matters a lot to prevent discomfort during prolonged typing sessions. We tend to place the keyboards either in a diagonal or flat position, but to achieve a faster typing speed the most accurate position is to place the keyboard at a slant height, 15-20 inches away from eyes while typing.

Know Correct Finger Placement

It is crucial to adopt correct hand positioning for faster typing. Therefore to build your muscle memory, place your left-hand fingers over the A, S, D, and F keys(usually known as home keys) and the right hand fingers over J, K, L, and ; keys while resting your thumb above the space bar.

Proper Posture

Adopting an upright posture contributes to enhanced typing speed. If you're accustomed to slumping or working from a sofa, consider transitioning to a chair with proper back support or using your desk for a more conducive setup.

Different Types Of Typing Tests

Basic Typing Test

As the name suggests, it is an online basic typing where users need to type the given paragraph to test their typing skills and track their progress.

Touch Typing Test

One of the most efficient techniques to enhance typing speed is to give the Touch typing test. In this typing technique, users type without glancing at the keyboard and put all their attention only on the screen.

10 Key Test

At the right section of a standard-sized keyboard, you will locate numeric and symbol keys known as the 10-key series. The online 10-key test evaluates the speed and accuracy of typing the numerical data using a numeric keypad or 10-key keypad.

Audio Typing Test

The Audio typing test provides an effective solution to reduce eye strain from reading paragraphs and typing. Typewriters can now type effortlessly by listening to the audio or transcript and attain accurate typing skills.

Language Specific Test

Why restrict to just the English language for improving typing skills? The Language-Specific test offers a versatile platform that lets users select and type in any language they prefer.


Is There Any Monkey Type Alternative Available?

Yes, if you go on the internet and search, you will find many alternatives like the 10-Finger Typing Test, RataType and the Key Hero Test, which serves similar services as the Monkey type test.

Does the Monkey Typing Test Have an Extension?

Right now, we do not have any extension, but we are currently in the process of developing it, and you will be granted access in the near future.

Does Monkey Type Any Mobile App Available?

No, one can access and practice the Money Typing Test exclusively through the official website.

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