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What Is eDPI Calculator?

eDPI Calculator is a must-use platform for all the gaming geeks out there. It is an online tool with a motive to measure the effective sensitivity of your mouse for a wide range of games, be it Valoront, Call of Duty, CS: GO and Fortnite. 

By considering the mouse DPI and in-game sensitivity, our tool generates the eDPI of your mouse. Boost your gaming experience by knowing the eDPI value with our tool.

What Is eDPI?

eDPI stands for 'Effective dots per inch," a factor determining the actual game sensitivity by considering your mouse DPI and in-game sensitivity as input.

How To Use an eDPI Calculator?

You are just a few steps away from evaluating the eDPI. Use the eDPI calculator and get the eDPI value at your fingertips.

Type of Sensitivity:

Select the type of sensitivity input your game uses. For games like Valorant and CS:GO, choose "Number Decimal" for a direct input of sensitivity values. For games like Fortnite, select "Percentage" to input sensitivity as a percentage.

Select Your In-Game Sensitivity:

To measure eDPI, first choose the game as per your preference and then input your in-game sensitivity value.

Input Your Mouse DPI Value:

To proceed ahead, check from the Settings menu on your device and type in your mouse's DPI.

Calculate Your eDPI:

Once you have entered both the values, click on “calculate” button, and there you get the eDPI value.

How Does eDPI Calculator work?

The online eDPI calculator takes in the mouse's DPI and in-game sensitivity as two of its inputs and applies the below formula for generating the eDPI value.

eDPI​ value =DPI × in-game sensitivity

No worries if you are still confused regarding it. 

For instance, consider your mouse DPI to be 500, and the sensitivity is around 0.5, then the eDPI (effective dots per inch) value is estimated as:

500 x 0.5 = 250.

What Is DPI?

DPI, often termed as Dots per inch, lets the users know the number of pixels the cursor on the screen moves per inch. For a better understanding, consider the mouse DPI to be 800, which states that the mouse is capable of moving 800 pixels per inch on the monitor.

A lower DPI indicates that you need to put effort into moving the mouse to initiate the movement of the cursor on the screen. On the other hand, a higher DPI portrays a sensitive mouse where a slight touch to the mouse causes the cursor to cover a large distance on the screen. 

DPI does matter a lot in gaming. Modifying DPI as per the gameplay is crucial to boost the chances of winning. If you wish to shoot down the opponents quickly, a higher DPI mouse is advisable. Whereas, if you aim for accuracy and precision, a lower DPI mouse is good to go. 

Pro gamers usually adjust their DPI between the range of 400-800 in their gameplay.

What Is Mouse Sensitivity?

When it comes to improving the aiming accuracy in gaming, mouse sensitivity comes in use. Mouse sensitivity defines how much distance the cursor moves on physically moving the mouse. It's nothing but depicts the responsivity of the mouse movements.

Gaming geeks adjust the mouse sensitivity to high or low based on their gaming style. A high-sensitivity mouse is capable of moving the cursor faster. Besides this, a low-sensitivity mouse means that the cursor moves slowly and requires a little extra effort from the gamer.

eDPI Values For CS:GO Valorant & Fortnite 

Explore the optimal eDPI settings used by top players across popular games to enhance your gaming precision and performance.

Game eDPI Value
Fortnite 35-80
Valorant 200-400
CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) 800-1150

These ranges provide a guideline for players to adjust their mouse sensitivity settings to match the preferences of successful gamers within these popular titles.

Why Do You Need To Know Your eDPI?

Calculating and gaining insights on your eDPI value is essential. Now, you may wonder why it is that important.

eDPI defines the effective sensitivity of your mouse by considering the DPI and in-game sensitivity values. Knowing your mouse eDPI values for various games helps you distinguish whether your eDPI value is high or low compared with the standard eDPI values set. 

One may then accordingly adjust the sensitivity settings to attain precision and accurate aiming in different games.

What Defines Low, Medium, and High eDPI Sensitivity in Gaming?

When assessing eDPI sensitivity in gaming, it's useful to have a reference point. Let's consider a fixed Mouse DPI of 80 to illustrate different eDPI sensitivity levels:

  • Low eDPI (0-40; 0%-5%): Ideal for gamers who prefer precise, slow cursor movements. Suitable for strategic aiming in shooters or games requiring fine control.
  • Medium eDPI (41-64; 6%-8%): Offers a balance between speed and precision. Good for players who enjoy a variety of game genres.
  • High eDPI (65-120; 9%-14%): Enables faster cursor movements. Best for fast-paced games where quick reactions are crucial.
  • Super High eDPI (121+; 15% and above): For those who prioritize speed over precision. Makes the cursor extremely responsive.


How Does eDPI Affect Aim In Games?

eDPI plays a huge impact when it comes to aiming accurately to kill opponents. A high eDPI means faster in-game movements, while a lower DPI will help you attain accuracy. Therefore, by fine-tuning the right eDPI based on the gaming style, one can enhance their mouse cursor movements and aim better.

Is There A "Perfect" eDPI For Everyone?

No, unfortunately, there is no such thing as 'perfect eDPI.' Every player has their unique eDPI, which varies from game to game.

How To Compare eDPI Settings Between Different Games?

eDPI, as of now, only enables users to compare their eDPI settings within the same game with other pro gamers. For comparing between two different games, try using the Mouse sensitivity converter tool.

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