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Test your clicking speed versus computer brain! Try to beat the computer at the more complex level, start practicing from the easy gameplay by practicing multiple timer modes.

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What is Clicker Game

Clicker games are games that use a clicking mechanism to accomplish a task while improving your clicking speed. these games can be played in your spare time while building up your skills which may come in handy for high-level games that require fast clicking speed. Clicker games are a fun way to improve your clicking skills without feeling like you’re wasting your time.

Player vs Computer

On, the player has to compete with the computer. If you score more than the system, you will win the game, or else, the system will. Of course, the computer has the advantage of the knowledge of the state of the game, but the system does not have knowledge of your strategy, and thus, if it can't react quickly to your play, then it will be at a disadvantage.

Difficulty Level

Depending on the users’ needs, 3 different levels are developed to help them practice at their own pace. all of which are developed differently but keeping in mind the user’s needs. You can choose any of these depending on your needs, mood, or situation.


This difficulty level is the easiest one among all. If you are a beginner, you can choose this mode to play clicker games. You can also choose this level if you wish to pass some time lightly without getting into competitive mode. This mode is suitable for all ages of users. There are high chances of winning against system in this mode.


When you have spent sufficient time playing clicker games, you can move on to this intermediate level of gaming. When you are playing against the computer, the system will play faster than it did in the easy mode, and you have to keep your pace up with it.


The hard mode requires both speed and focus to be won. The system can play tricky in this mode so you have to be attentive to its every move to win this level. You can take this level of difficulty to prepare for other clicker games like Minecraft where clicking speed matters a lot.

Time Modes - Test your Limit

1 sec to 5 sec

The first-time mode category is the easy mode that includes clicker tests time modes 1-second clicker test, 2-second click test, and 5-second clicker test. Using these low-time limit tests, you can warm up for gaming, test your clicking limits and try on new clicking techniques.

10 sec to 30 sec

The 10 sec to 30-second mode is best suited if you want to practice a particular clicking technique, pass time while learning something, or push your limits further. With this, your clicking can gradually increase your clicking speed, and accuracy and have a better clicking technique.

60 sec and 100 sec

The expert modes of clicker games include the 60-second and 100-second clicker tests. With these tests, you have to keep clicking for longer durations to win the challenge. These modes work well when you are competing with someone, or practicing for a tournament.

Types of Clicker Games

Cps test allows you to test your finger speed on mouse to check how speedily you can click on the mouse button. The faster you click the faster you can break the records. The most players at cpstest managed to click between 5-10 clicks per second. Now, it's up to you how fast you can click!

Idle Clicker Games

Idle clicker games are simple clicker games meant for you to click and relax without having to fuss over the outcome. The target of these games is quite simple to accomplish. You do not have to perform multiple actions to win these games and play them a pass time. Idle games include Dogeminer 2, Cat Safari, Idle Mobs Farm, etc. These games usually have one single motto to complete, and you win the game.

Incremental Games

Incremental games have a unique environment to them. In general, they have a series of activities to be done to win the game. The user has to click on the screen repeatedly to accomplish these tasks and move further in the game. Incremental games can be quite interesting and can be played when you want to disappear from the real world completely and find yourself in the gaming world. Playing Incremental clicking games requires analytical mind and concentration.

Why Clicker games are useful

Suitable for all Genres

All genres of games like action, adventure, shooting, or racing have one single concept- clicking. Using clicker games, you can play all these games in one place and not have to visit different websites. You can also play different games in all genres and not one single game.

Improve Strategical-thinking

Many clicker games have different concepts to be played on, and different tasks to be accomplished Playing such games can help you improve your strategical thinking to accomplish these tasks better.

Multiply your skills

Playing clicker games is beneficial for the nervous system. As mentioned, it can improve your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and strategical thinking. Which is not only beneficial in gaming, but also general life as well. Playing clicker games has zero downsides to it.


The clicker games are extremely lightweight. It means you can play the games on any operating system, version, or browser without having to worry about it crashing, or lagging. To play clicker games, all you need is a browser and a steady internet connection. Also, you do not need to download the game on your device and consume the RAM storage.

Enjoy Playing

Clicker games do not charge you for any game, nor does it access any of your data. So, you can stay carefree and enjoy playing clicker games on while learning new clicking techniques and improving your skills.

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