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About Apex Legends eDPI Calculator

Discover the perfect sensitivity for dominating Apex Legends with our eDPI Calculator. This tool allows you to fine-tune your aiming precision effortlessly.

By inputting your in-game sensitivity and mouse DPI, find the ideal eDPI for seamless aiming and fluid gameplay.

Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, our calculator helps unlock your full potential in Apex Legends, ensuring every shot counts in the heat of battle.

How To Use This Calculator?

Step 1: Find your CS:GO sensitivity and enter it in the "Game sensitivity" field.

Step 2: Input your mouse's DPI number in the "Mouse DPI" field.

Step 3: Click "CONVERT NOW!" to calculate your eDPI.

Step 4: View your eDPI result, which represents your effective sensitivity.

Step 5: Adjust your game sensitivity or mouse DPI if needed and recalculate to fine-tune your eDPI.

Step 6: Apply the new sensitivity settings in apex legends and test them out.

eDPI Ranges For Apex Legends

Here are the common eDPI ranges for Fortnite, based on professional and competitive players:


0-700 eDPI. This range is ideal for players who prioritize precision and control, particularly useful for long-range engagements where accurate aiming is key.


700-1200 eDPI. A balanced sensitivity range that suits a variety of play styles. It offers a good mix of accuracy for aiming and speed for movement, making it suitable for most players.


1200+ eDPI. Preferred by players who value fast movements, such as quick turns and rapid repositioning. This range is often chosen by aggressive players who engage in close-quarters combat.

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