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About CS:GO eDPI Calculator

In the intense battleground of CS:GO, mastering your aim is key to victory. Our CS:GO eDPI Calculator provides players with an efficient solution for refining their aiming precision.

By entering your in-game sensitivity and mouse DPI, this calculator swiftly calculates your eDPI, enabling you to fine-tune your settings for optimal performance.

Unleash your aiming potential and improve your gameplay in CS:GO with the perfect balance of control and speed.

How to Use This Calculator?

Step 1: Find your CS:GO sensitivity and enter it in the "Game sensitivity" field.

Step 2: Input your mouse's DPI value in the "Mouse DPI" field.

Step 3: Click "CONVERT NOW!" to calculate your eDPI.

Step 4: View your eDPI result, which represents your effective sensitivity.

Step 5: Adjust your game sensitivity or mouse DPI if needed and recalculate to fine-tune your eDPI.

Step 6: Apply the new sensitivity settings in CS:GO and test them out.

eDPI Ranges For CG:SO

Here are the common eDPI ranges for CS:GO, based on professional and competitive players:

Common Range:

Professional players often opt for an eDPI between 600 to 1000, striking a balance between precision and quick movements.

Lower Range (600-700 eDPI):

Preferred for precise aiming, essential for sniper rifles and long-range combat. Example players include NiKo (eDPI: 604).

Mid-Range (700-800 eDPI):

Offers a blend of control and agility. Examples include ropz (eDPI: 708) and sh1ro (eDPI: 800), suitable for versatile playstyles.

Higher Range (800-1000 eDPI):

Facilitates faster aiming and quick turns, beneficial in close-quarters combat.

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