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About Valorant eDPI Calculator

In the fast-paced world of Valorant, precision and speed are important. Our Valorant eDPI Calculator offers players a seamless way to fine-tune their aiming sensitivity.

By inputting your in-game sensitivity and mouse DPI, this tool instantly calculates your eDPI, empowering you to optimize your gameplay experience. Discover your perfect balance of accuracy and agility to dominate the competition in Valorant.

How to Use This Calculator?

Step 1: Find your Valorant sensitivity and enter it in the "Game sensitivity" field.

Step 2: Input your mouse's DPI value in the "Mouse DPI" field.

Step 3: Click "CONVERT NOW!" to calculate your eDPI.

Step 4: View your eDPI result, which represents your effective sensitivity.

Step 5: Adjust your game sensitivity or mouse DPI if needed and recalculate to fine-tune your eDPI.

Step 6: Apply the new sensitivity settings in Valorant and test them out.

eDPI Ranges For Valorant

Here are the common eDPI ranges for valorant, based on professional and competitive players:

Optimal eDPI Range:

280 to 350 for Valorant, with a mouse DPI of 800, balancing precision and responsiveness.

Low eDPI:

Below 250, prioritizes precision over speed, suitable for players needing finer aim control.

High eDPI:

Above 350, designed for rapid movements and quick aiming adjustments, catering to players with aggressive playstyles.

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